“Without a sign of shame”։ Sharon Stone, 63, showed off her candid photos without makeup.

A long time ago, famous women, one after the other, appeared in front of their subscribers without makeup. It became a kind of challenge to show off their natural beauty. Only not all stars are ready to take such a step.

And 63-year-old Sharon Stone is not a loose woman, and her candid photos are vivid proof of that. Users were divided into those who liked Stone’s appearance, but haters pointed to celebrity. “Youth flows from her”, “If she feels young, why is it bad?”, “Without plastic surgery and such a smooth face, great!”, write the fans.

“We see that the woman is already at her advanced age”, “The years are not hiding on the face!”, “It is strange to see such frank photos of the old woman”, “It is time to become more modest,” the villains objected to fans.

And what do you think of the adorable actress? Which opinion will you agree with?

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