Victoria Beckham spoke for the first time about her husband’s infidelity with his assistant.

As you probably know, on October 4, a documentary about one of the most popular celebrity couples, the Beckhams, was released on the Netflix streaming service . And, of course, the crisis in the relationship between the spouses did not go unnoticed. What Victoria Beckham said about her husband’s infidelity and how celebrities managed to get through this period, you will find out with us in the next couple of minutes.

Victoria_Beckham on her husband’s_infidelity

It was 2003. David Beckham moved to Real_Madrid and, quite expectedly, moved to Spain. For star spouses, this period in life became a real test. After all, Victoria_decided to_stay_in the UK_to_raise her two older sons.

“When_I_first moved to_Spain_it_was difficult. I have_been_part of the_club and_family_throughout_my_career, from 15 to 27 years old. I_was_sold_overnight. The next_minute I found_myself_in_a_city where_everyone_spoke a language I didn’t know. More_importantly, I didn’t _have_my_own_family. Every time_we_woke_up, we felt that there_was_something_else… We felt that_we_were_not_losing each other, but drowning,” David_recalled of those times.

The only one who lent her shoulder to the football player was Beckham’s assistant Rebecca Loos. She helped the athlete not only adapt to Spain, but also learn an unfamiliar language. And, as expected, the young people became close. Meanwhile, the media were already beginning to discuss David’s high-profile affair on the side.

“It was the most difficult period. It seemed like the world was against us. That’s the thing, we were against each other, to be completely honest. Before Madrid, sometimes it seemed like we were against everyone. But we were together, we were connected, we had each other. But when my husband lived in Spain, we also lacked the feeling that we had each other. This is sad. I can’t even tell you how hard it was. And how it affected me,” Victoria Beckham admitted, speaking about her husband’s infidelity.

“It was a nightmare”

Remembering those times, David still doesn’t understand today how he and his wife managed to improve their relationship. After all, seeing Victoria’s pain, the football player even went to training without much desire. “It was incredibly difficult, but at that time we had to fight for our family ,” says the man. True, he did not officially admit to his betrayal even today, probably not wanting to bring even more pain to the family.

Therefore, in order to overcome all differences, Victoria decided to move to her husband in Madrid. There, the star couple bought a mansion, became parents for the third time, but never found happiness. Moreover, the ex-member of the “Spice Girls” even called these times a “nightmare.” Fortunately, in 2007, David signed a contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy club. America and relief awaited them ahead.

“I was so relieved… In Los Angeles everything was much simpler. It’s easier to find a home. Easier to find a school. There is no language barrier. So for me, all my dreams came true,” Victoria shared in the documentary. Not long ago, the couple_celebrated_their_24th_wedding_anniversary. And who_knows what their fate would have been like had they not started fighting for their relationship.

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