What Jennifer Lopez really looks like off stage and on the red carpet.

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance is the subject of constant admiration for the star’s fans and the enduring envy of her haters. Haters regularly post large-scale lists of plastic surgeries, which Jen supposedly owes her beauty to . More fair critics note that even the most gifted plastic surgeons could not make the singer a beauty. J.Lo herself just shrugs her shoulders over and over again, managing to look amazing at 53 years old both on the red carpet and in everyday life!

Jennifer Lopez’s appearance: truth and speculation

Last throw in

Just the other day, the paparazzi published a portion of photographs from the everyday life of the pop idol . Photos taken in secret show the singer in one of the prestigious residential areas of Los Angeles. There, J.Lo and Ben Affleck have recently been looking for a new mansion for their large family.

Of course, to communicate with realtors, the beauty did not dress up like she was on a catwalk . Jennifer wore a simple beige crew-neck sweater and light blue cargo jeans. Anticipating a long walk, the petite singer put on heavy brown high-soled boots.

Remarkable appearance

A minimum of makeup, baggy clothes, hair pulled into a careless bun – it’s immediately clear that Jennifer didn’t really bother with the look . But at the same time, J.Lo still manages to look many times better than her hubby , who again put on a tired, worn-out expression on his face. Let’s consider what, even in everyday images, makes it possible to immediately distinguish the singer from an ordinary Masha.

Let’s note right away: without excellent initial data, few people can look like J.Lo at 50. Fortunately, the pop idol’s appearance was always fine. But Hollywood nutritionists, who knew Jennifer in her youth, almost unanimously argued that the beauty would not be able to maintain her figure.

Beauty secrets

Now Jennifer is showing off her chiseled cheekbones and elegant features. In her youth, the singer was quite chubby-cheeked . Over the years, Latin American beauties usually get pretty big in both their sides and cheeks. The public thought that Lopez would not escape the fate common to most of her friends.

However, the current JLo looks much more athletic and fit than her 20-year-old self. And the point here is not at all about miracle diets. Jennifer Lopez’s magnificent appearance appeared primarily thanks to sports . Of course, the plastic surgeon’s scalpel also worked on the beauty. But sport still played the first violin here.

Even outspoken critics admit: the pop star turns only to the best plastic surgeons and resorts to extremely gentle interventions. Cheekbones, breast shape, buttocks, perhaps a nose – that’s all that the scalpel masters applied to in the image of Jen. Lopez owes the rest only to her daily fanatical training . And, as you can see, the singer’s obsession with sports definitely produces results!

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