“Really brave.” How Celine Dion supported Ukrainian mothers.

Nothing is more essential to a mother than the safety and happiness of her children.What could be a better Mother’s Day present than genuine hugs from mothers, daughters, and sons?However, not all mothers were able to obtain even this.Celine Dion, a Canadian_singer, had the good fortune to spend the holiday with her children.However, the artist is not at ease right now.Her heart aches for the Ukrainian mothers who have lost their children and will never be able to touch them again… Celine Dion_expressed_her_support for Ukrainian_mothers on her Facebook page, and she also shared a rare snapshot of her family.

“Really brave”: how Celine Dion_supported_Ukrainian_mothers

In honor of Mother’s Day, the Canadian singer published a new post on the Internet.She shared a photo of herself with her three boys, Nelson, Eddie, and Rene-Charles.The actress stated that she was extremely fortunate.She can, after all, be close to her children.However, many mothers are denied this.Celine Dion began by addressing Ukrainian mothers.


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Публикация от Céline Dion (@celinedion)

“I think about the mothers who have lost_their_children in_Ukraine_and_around the world.”And what about the mothers who are continuously concerned about keeping their daughters and boys safe?Concerning the women who expend_every_ounce_of_energy merely to give their children with the fundamental requirements of life.These women are extremely courageous, and I dedicate_this_Mother’s_Day_to_them all.”We pray for them and their families to find peace and comfort,” Celine stated in her message.

Celine Dion joined the Stand Up for Ukraine initiative

Previously, the singer of the hit “My Heart Will Go On” pledged solidarity for Ukraine in its fight against Russian aggression.During the Stand Up for Ukraine movement, the artist recorded a video_message_to_world leaders.

In this tough time, the singer appeals to Ukrainians who have suffered as a result of the war and have been forced to flee the country in order to save their lives.Over 5 million citizens have become refugees.But how many more people are hiding in bomb_shelters, basements, or behind at least two walls of their homes?


Посмотреть эту публикацию в Instagram


Публикация от Céline Dion (@celinedion)

“I stand in solidarity with Ukraine and refugees all over the world.”I urge world leaders to assist all those who have been forced to flee their homes.”Please_make_sure_they get the help they need right now,” Celine Dion said in her video.

The international community’s assistance is critical for Ukraine.Because the fight is still ongoing.Above all, human lives are on the line.

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