If you want to know what a celebrity is like, look at how he/she treats her assistants.

Once upon a time, kings and other rulers were accompanied by a huge retinue of servants, advisors and bodyguards. And although those times are far in the past, some things will never change. Just look at today’s celebrities, who are also constantly surrounded by retinues. Only servants and advisers were replaced by assistants, stylists and other “irreplaceable” people. But the helpers of the stars, no matter how much it may seem to us, do not live in paradise at all. Not all, more precisely.

Helpers of the stars you won’t envy


In general, it is difficult to accuse the pop diva of arrogance, but sometimes she is capable of incredibly strange actions. When the singer was looking for a nanny for her daughter, the list of requirements included knowing the choreography of her track Single Ladies. And it’s not that Beyoncé wanted to hire her loyal fan. Simply, according to her, the baby calms down and falls asleep only to this song. And definitely with dancing.


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Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts also has strange requirements for nannies. According to people who once worked for her, the actress forces nannies to wear red wigs when they put the children to bed. This was done so that the children would think that their mother is putting them to bed, but the rest of the time the nannies work without wigs. Therefore, this hardly makes sense.


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Naomi Campbell

How Naomi took it out on her assistants in the early 2000s is still legendary. Either he will throw a cell phone in his face, or he will try to throw him out of the car. Then the star took anger management courses, and the situation seemed to become less crazy. But the star already has enough oddities. For example, the assistant must be the first to arrive at the hotel and light a certain number of candles in her room. And Naomi asked another assistant to cover for her alcoholism. The girl had to take all the alcohol out of the room in front of everyone, and the model would then come to her to drink it all.

Anna Wintour

A film was even made about how cruel the Vogue editor boss is. The Devil Wears Prada is based on a book by Lauren Weisberger, who worked for Wintour for 11 months. According to her, Anna is an extremely demanding and uncompromising person who does not tolerate any mistakes or delays from her subordinates. Working with her is like working in hard labor, where there are not even short breaks.


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Lady Gaga

The popular singer is not far removed from Wintour, albeit in her own style. Subsequently, her assistant also wrote a book after her dismissal, but it has not yet been filmed. The woman said that the singer demanded that the assistant always be nearby in case she was needed. It got to the point that she had to sleep next to Gaga. In addition, the star limited her social circle and gave her almost no free time. And when the performer was unhappy, she simply did not pay the worker a salary. The case went all the way to court.


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Jennifer Lopez

Here, let’s better take a quote from a vacancy that the media found: “You must be on call 24 hours a day, change children’s diapers if necessary, sleep little and cook if the cook is away. You owe it to yourself to know when JLo eats. She won’t tell you when she’s hungry, you have to decide when the food should be served.” In addition, the star is arrogant. Rumor has it that she fired her assistant for looking her straight in the eyes. Lopez considered this disrespectful and insulting.


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Star fever among celebrities is not at all uncommon. And an arrogant attitude towards others also no longer surprises anyone. Especially our people, who are accustomed to the whims of their stars. But I would like everyone to be a little kinder and more humane. After all, the stars’ assistants are people too.

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