“Hug and cry. Small, skinny.” Why fans don’t recognize Antonio Banderas.

Antonio Banderas is one of the most famous actors of Spanish origin. The “desperate” recently celebrated his 61st birthday. In addition, the actor appeared in public for the first time in a long time. Previously, he seemed to be hiding, but now he posed for photographers without embarrassment on the red carpet of a charity ball in his native Malaga. Fans noticed something was wrong. Many believe that Banderas is no longer the same: wrinkles have appeared treacherously on his face , and gray hair has appeared in his beard. We’ll tell you what Antonio looks like now and what he’s doing now.


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Antonio Banderas and metamorphoses in appearance

Previously, women were simply delighted with Antonio Banderas. Of course, just remember how he looked in the films “The Mask of Zorro”, “Desperado”, “The Other Man” and others. Antonio had different periods in his life when he experimented with his appearance . He shaved his head, got rid of his eyebrows, grew a beard – everything the famous Spaniard did not do. And now many fans note that age is still taking its toll. Some are not so tolerant, they even call Banderas an old man now.


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Antonio Banderas began to change rapidly in appearance after he broke up with a woman after 18 years of relationship. She was Melanie Griffith . By the way, they say that one of the reasons for the separation was that Antonio did not want to accept his wife’s external changes. She apparently didn’t really want to grow old. Therefore, I resorted to the help of plastic surgeons many times. It was too much for Banderas. Soon after the breakup, he began a relationship with the Dutch young lady Nicole Kimpel. But they are in no hurry to get married. By the way, Antonio considers the wedding a waste of money.


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How Banderas is perceived now: macho or grandfather

“Little, withered grandfather, what a macho he is!”, “Antonio has completely lost ground. Looks like an old man,” “Hug and cry. Small, skinny”, “How shabby he is. He doesn’t look like a macho,” “This macho is no match for our handsome guys. It’s just the skill of the cameraman and the right small partners. Although he plays tolerably ,” users write on the Internet.


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True, there are other opinions. “He’s still quite a bitch,” “The way he sings and how he can play. After all, in reality he is short, but that’s how he looks in films and on the screen. You need to be able to do this! There are talented actors whom you wouldn’t even notice in real life, but when they start acting, they’re lumps!”, “Handsome! He looks about 40 years old, no more ,” fans praise Antonio Banderas.


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Banderas disease

Perhaps Antonio Banderas’ appearance was influenced not only by his age, but also by his recent illness. The actor contracted coronavirus at the end of 2020. A couple of years ago Antonio had a heart attack. The actor recalls how Nicole Kimpel literally saved him. When he started showing coronavirus symptoms, she put an aspirin tablet on his tongue. Antonio believes this saved his life. Be that as it may, Banderas continues his creative career, is engaged in winemaking, is the owner of a perfume brand, and even tried himself as a men’s clothing designer.

Do you like the work of Antonio Banderas as an actor? Do you think he has changed a lot lately?

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