The life of the beautiful Meryem Uzerli: mother’s illness, unsuccessful relationship with a swindler and public condemnation.

Recently, Meryem Uzerli, who has become a real pearl of Turkey, turned 38 years old. By this time, the actress had managed to build an incredible career, although one can say that she only has one big role, but what a big one. Meryem played Hürrem Sultan in the TV series “The Magnificent Century” . It was this role that brought her great fame and an entire army of fans. But few people know that in the life of the actress, not everything was as smooth as we would like. In addition, the series brought Meryem to the point where she began to feel like a robot. We tell you why Uzerli had to leave the series, how her personal life turned out and why the actress’s fate is not so easy.

Meryem Uzerli: how the actress suddenly became a star

The actress with fiery hair and blue eyes was little known to the public for a long time. Meryem was born in Germany: her mother is German and her father is Turkish. At first she tried to build an acting career in Germany, but there she only starred in a few not very successful TV series. But then the name Meryem Uzerli became known to everyone. She has become almost the most recognizable face in the world. But in Turkey, Meryem still felt like a stranger at times . She, like her heroine Roksolana (Hurrem Sultan), found herself in the midst of gossip. And they were discussing not just anyone, but Uzerli herself.

Meryem Uzerli felt German, although she had been familiar with the cultures of both countries since childhood. It came as a surprise to her when she was invited to audition for the role of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska. The actress simply captivated everyone, and before she didn’t even suspect that she would have a career in Turkey. By the way, 200 thousand actresses applied for the role of Roksolana in the series .

Underwater rocks

It seems that we should be happy, because “The Magnificent Century” is such a large-scale and successful project that one can only dream of. But at the same time, he took all the strength and time from Meryem Uzerli. She just started going crazy, feeling like she was turning into a robot. Then she ran away to Germany to be with her family. She left the series because she realized that she could no longer actually live on the set. Of course, no one wanted to just let the actress go. A big scandal broke out. Meryem was accused of becoming a star and becoming arrogant. They also threatened her with creative oblivion, saying that if she left now, no one else in Turkey would work with her. Fortunately, time passed and everything calmed down. Those who took up arms against Meryem calmed down.


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Playing such an iconic role as Roksolana is a serious achievement. But this also has its downsides. For example, the fact that after “The Magnificent Century” everyone began to associate Meryem Uzerli with her heroine. It’s like playing Harry Potter and forever remaining for the viewer the boy who lived. Meryem did not want to become an actress in one series, so she made various attempts to change this. So, she even tried to change her appearance so as not to remain Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska with fiery hair. In 2016, fans noticed something was wrong: Meryem was very interested in plastic surgery . Her cheekbones and lips have changed. Not all fans were thrilled. But the actress seemed to have stopped.


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Mother’s illness

When Meryem Uzerli was still in school, trouble happened in her family . The actress’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors gave disappointing forecasts. The woman lost 38 kilograms, she suffered. Doctors gave Meryem’s mother only a couple of months, but she miraculously recovered. Probably, the support of my daughter played an important role. Meryem literally began to live in the hospital. During the day I went to school, and then immediately went to my mother. She even had her own bed next to her mother’s. The mother later recovered. This was a real miracle for the family.


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Failed Relationships

Even when Meryem Uzerli was filming “The Magnificent Century,” she was credited with an affair with her co-star on the set, Halit Ergench (he played the Sultan in the series). But the actor is married, he has repeatedly denied these rumors and always emphasized that he loves exclusively his wife. Later, actress Meryem Uzerli admitted that during filming she did not like Halit at all, but Ozan Güven . By the way, only with him Meryem felt relaxed in the frame, as she said.


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Soon Meryem began dating businessman Can Ates . But the man became perhaps the biggest disappointment in her life. However, Meryem even has a daughter, Lara, from him. True, Jan does not take any part in her upbringing. He actually wanted Meryem to have an abortion. In addition, it turned out that he was a fraudster who was put on the wanted list. By the way, Meryem herself suffered from his machinations. She invested $400 thousand in one of his businesses. As it turned out, she did it in vain.


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Meryem Uzerli admitted that she was very ashamed that her daughter had such a father. She also emphasized that he would not see Lara again. Fortunately, soon everything worked out in Meryem’s personal life. She had a beloved man, with whom she gave birth to a second child – daughter Lily Koi . Although the actress does not particularly advertise who her chosen one is, it is known that he is a businessman from America. For Meryem’s sake, he moved to Germany. The man has a good relationship with Lara, Meryem’s daughter.


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We can say that Meryem Uzerli has begun a white streak in her life. She loves and is loved, and also continues to build an acting career. She is currently working in Alpa Camber’s project “Beautiful Dream”. Do you like the actress? Do you think she’s talented?

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