Renowned for his roles in “The Big Lebowski” and “King Ralph,” John Goodman has undergone a remarkable transformation by losing nearly 198 Ibs.


The actor made a stunning appearance on the red carpet at the 62nd Monte Carlo Television Festival, garnering praise from onlookers and earning the description of “incredible.”

John embarked on his weight loss journey back in 2007 when he weighed close to 398 Ibs. Remarkably, he achieved these changes without resorting to surgical intervention. Initially, he completely abstained from alcohol, marking a significant lifestyle change.

By 2016, he had shed 99 Ibs. It was at this point that he enlisted the help of a personal trainer and dedicated himself to rigorous workouts at the gym. Goodman pushed himself, exercising six days a week and aiming to walk up to 12,000 steps daily. He also adopted a Mediterranean diet, focusing on fish, olive oil, vegetables, nuts, and fruits as his primary food choices.

John Goodman made his debut as a theater actor in the Broadway production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in 1978. His film career began in 1983, and he notably appeared in movies such as “Sea of Love” alongside Al Pacino and “Arachnophobia” with Jeff Daniels. In 1991, he starred in the comedy “King Ralph,” and he also made memorable appearances in “The Big Lebowski,” “The Artist,” and “Argo.”