What Cameron Diaz’s one-and-a-half-year-old daughter looks like, whom the actress so diligently hid from the public.

Not all stars like close attention from the press, especially if it concerns their children. Yes, many people post photos on social networks, walk with their children without hiding their faces, and even take their offspring to all sorts of social events. But all this is definitely not about Cameron Diaz. She hid her daughter from the public for quite a long time . Only now we have found out what Cameron Diaz’s daughter looks like . We are in a hurry to show you too.


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Family life of Cameron Diaz

How fans’ jaws dropped when Cameron Diaz announced in 2018 that she was leaving the film industry. And the reason was simple: Cameron took care of family matters. But this surprised everyone no less, because the actress began to think about the child. What’s surprising, you say. They say that it was high time for a woman over 40 to start a family and children. But Cameron Diaz had other plans for this: for a long time she defended her position on childfree (the conscious desire not to have children).

It seems that Cameron has already achieved everything that is possible in her acting career. That’s why she decided that while there was time, she needed to take care of her family . Maybe her husband Benji Madden influenced her that way. It’s not for nothing that they say that when you meet the right person, you change for the better. Perhaps this happened with Cameron: she met the very man who changed her views about motherhood

Cameron Diaz’s daughter

And then a happy moment came: on December 30, 2019, Cameron and Benji had a baby girl. They named her Raddix Chloe Wildflower Madden. It seems strange, but the baby’s name is literally all that is known about her. After all, after the birth of her first child, Cameron began to carefully hide the girl from prying eyes . Even on walks, she either covered her daughter’s face with a panama hat, or hid her in a stroller, or hugged her close, so that the annoying paparazzi could not photograph the baby’s face, even though they tried very hard.


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Of course, Cameron Diaz understood perfectly well that she could not hide her daughter from the public forever. Although for a year and a half she managed to disguise Raddix quite successfully. Now, apparently, the actress has decided that her daughter is already relatively mature. Therefore, for the first time, Cameron went out with her without any special disguises . The paparazzi instantly did their job. And now pictures of Cameron Diaz’s daughter are already on the Internet.


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Fans of the actress are delighted with the girl. Such a lovely creation . Chubby baby cheeks, curls, sweet face. What can I say, you can see everything yourself! The Internet is complaining that they just couldn’t see the color of Raddix Chloe’s eyes. Although they suspect that she inherited her eyes from her father. His ones are brown.


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Everyone is now really looking forward to new photos of Cameron Diaz’s daughter. It would be great if the actress started posting new pictures on her social networks. By the way, Cameron herself is not highly praised in the new photographs . “An ordinary woman outside the red carpet”, “Unfortunate photo!”, “The photo shows a grandmother. Tell me that this is not Cameron Diaz,” “What happened to her, she was such a beauty ,” write disappointed fans. Although those who have small children understand very well how difficult it is. “When you raise a child, you no longer care about yourself. If you have time to take a shower, then it’s just happiness. You will be shaggy, unkempt, tired, and so on. She still looks very good!”


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And we are happy for Cameron Diaz. She’s great, because she managed to please us both in the cinema and arrange her personal life. Health to parents and baby.

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