Why does the story of Meryl Streep’s personal life touch me so much? Strong woman.

Meryl Streep has many fans. She is loved and appreciated not only as a talented actress, but also as a wise woman. She managed to find true female happiness : Meryl Streep has been married to American sculptor Don Gummer for 43 years. True, few people know that before this, the actress experienced a serious tragedy in life , having lost a person to whom she was devoted like no other. After the tragedy, the woman collected herself piece by piece, but rethought a lot. We will tell you further what happened in the actress’s personal life.


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Meryl Streep: acting career and personal life

The incredibly charismatic actress Meryl Streep, at 72 years old, still looks at her husband, 74-year-old Don Gummer, with loving eyes. It would seem that a real idyll reigns in the relationship. We don’t argue with this, but many years ago everything was not like that. Gummer had to literally pull Meryl out of the hole in which she found herself . The actress simply did not want to live. But first things first.


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Mary Louise Streep (the actress chose the name Meryl for herself later) at the age of 25, with an acting education behind her, set off to conquer Broadway. The charismatic aspiring actress almost immediately received recognition and leading roles in high-profile productions. Of course, she didn’t get all this for her pretty eyes: Meryl studied a lot and worked on herself. She really can be called a hard worker. Soon one of the performances brought the actress not only dizzying success, but also love. After all, a career is a career, and being close to a person who values ​​and respects you is also worth a lot.


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Meryl Streep’s first great love

So, in 1975, Meryl began rehearsals for the play “Measure for Measure.” There she played the main role. Next to Meryl on stage was the famous film actor John Cazale , who played Fredo Corleone in The Godfather. A spark immediately appeared between them. And these people seemed to have nothing in common: she was a young aspiring theatergoer, he was a movie star. And their characters are different: Meryl is serious and reasonable, John is too shy. And the age difference is 14 years.


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But love, as you know, doesn’t ask, it just comes – and that’s it. That’s how John and Meryl became a couple. True, he was married at that time . He promised Meryl that as soon as he had a long break from filming, he would immediately resolve all issues regarding the divorce from his wife and lead Meryl down the aisle.

How the love of a lifetime turned into the tragedy of a lifetime

They were happy, but, unfortunately, not for long. John led Meryl along film paths, in some films they even starred together, which could not but please the lovers. Everything was going great until their happy little world was stunned by the news – John had cancer. Then the couple just participated in the filming of “The Deer Hunter.” John Casale suddenly felt ill, and then everything was a blur: diagnosis , filming on the verge of breakdown, hospital and despair.


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Further – only worse. John’s illness progressed . Meryl gave her all to support John. But there was nowhere to get support from. And then there was the new filming of the series “Holocaust,” for which Meryl had to go to Australia. Just think, the man you love is struggling with a terrible disease, and you are forced to leave him alone, because these are the terms of the contract. Meryl Streep did not have the money to pay the penalty. It’s scary to even think about what the woman felt at that moment.


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John Casale gradually faded away. And, unfortunately, it died out completely. Returning from filming the series, Meryl did not recognize him. And soon her man left this world forever . “Everything is fine, Meryl ,” were Casale’s last words, after which he closed his eyes and could no longer open them. By the way, for filming “The Holocaust,” which took away Meryl’s personal life, the actress was awarded an Emmy Award. But the actress, crushed by life and desperate, did not come for the award.


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Meryl Streep: Rebirth

Sculptor Don Gummer became a lifeline for Meryl Streep , without even knowing it. Meryl could not return to the apartment where she had previously lived with John Cazale, because everything there reminded him of him. Circumstances turned out to be such that Meryl ended up in Don Gummer’s apartment while he was traveling around Europe. The apartment was empty, and the sculptor kindly agreed that someone would live there. Meryl didn’t know how to thank her savior. She joked that she would write letters to Don while he was traveling.


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And so, in the literal sense of the word, a novel began, only epistolary. Although there was no immediate smell of romance. Broken Meryl poured out her soul in a friendly manner to Hammer. And he fell in love . And soon the actress herself realized that she had feelings for Don. Don showed Meryl how to move on with her life. And he himself became a part of her life. They got married six months after John Casale left. The couple is still together. They have four children. Now Meryl, from the height of her experience, says that in a relationship the most important thing is to understand your partner and sometimes be able to remain silent. There is real harmony in their family, only dirty dishes sometimes make their own adjustments.

The story of Meryl Streep is complex and in places very, very catchy. The woman did not give up. After all the difficulties that were in store for her, she understood one thing: you should never put work above family.

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