Why Jennifer Aniston stopped communicating with friends who refused vaccination.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives in many ways. This applies not only to the fact that we are forced to use personal protective equipment or limit our travel. Many people, unfortunately, have felt a different impact from the coronavirus by losing loved ones. A similar thing happened to “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston. Therefore, now the actress takes the problem very seriously and does not even communicate with friends who have not been vaccinated. We’ll tell you what Jennifer Aniston thinks about coronavirus and vaccination and why she limits her social circle.

Jennifer Aniston on coronavirus

Actress Jennifer Aniston is one of those stars who publicly advocate vaccination . Overall, she is taking the necessary steps to protect herself and others from the virus. In an earlier Instagram post, Aniston wrote that she believes in people, their kindness and understanding.

“I understand that masks are inconvenient. But don’t you feel that what’s worse is that businesses are closing, jobs are being lost, healthcare workers are reaching absolute exhaustion. And so many lives have been taken by this virus because we are not doing enough ,” the actress wrote on the Internet.


If previously Jennifer Aniston actively advocated for masks and respecting borders, she recently also began to advocate for vaccination . By the way, Jen even stopped communicating with people who had not been vaccinated against coronavirus. Yes, many are tired of the pandemic and, frankly, have relaxed a little. But this does not mean that the virus has disappeared. And Jennifer Aniston understands this very well.

Fans are wondering why Jennifer Aniston has reduced her social circle, since she herself was vaccinated. The actress explains that even the fact that she is vaccinated does not guarantee that she cannot become infected with the virus. Yes, the illness will not be severe and the actress may not even be hospitalized. However, the point is that in this way she can transmit the virus further . This is the whole danger, because Jennifer does not want to jeopardize the health and lives of other people.

Being anti-vaxxer is a shame

That’s exactly what Jennifer Aniston thinks . “There are still many people in our country who refuse to take the necessary steps to flatten the curve and protect each other ,” the actress said. Besides, in her opinion, being an anti-vaxxer who doesn’t listen to the facts is a real disgrace . Jennifer tries not to communicate with such people. Thus, she said that people who refused to get vaccinated or were hiding from the public whether they were vaccinated or not disappeared from her constant circle.

Many Internet users managed to condemn Aniston for this position. “This is not a joke, people have gone completely crazy and started dividing into vaccinated and unvaccinated. Hate each other. Don’t communicate with each other. And all because of some kind of vaccination”, “I am against vaccination. But I don’t disparage those people who want to get vaccinated,” “Oh! The morning began on the collective farm. Typical vaccination propaganda ,” users write.

“I feel like it’s our moral and professional duty to let people know. Because we are not tested every day ,” says the actress. Fear and propaganda should not prevent us from being conscious people. By the way, some companies in the US are very strict about vaccinations. For example, CNN even fired several employees because they did not get vaccinated and went to work.

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