Beautiful with wrinkles and mustaches. Stars who did not get rid of flaws to please beauty standards.

Not long ago, the Norwegian authorities decided to fight photoshop . From now on, popular bloggers will have to mark pictures in which their face or body has been edited. And while self-proclaimed stars are tearing and throwing, idols of the first magnitude have long supported this initiative. We tell you who they are – celebrities who are not ashamed of their shortcomings (at the same time they are loved by millions).

Celebrities who aren’t ashamed of their flaws

Despite her problematic skin, Kendall Jenner did not give up her dream of walking on the world’s catwalks – and became the highest paid model of our time. By the way, the beauty overcame acne

Another artist in her place would have gotten rid of the scar on her face a long time ago, but not J.Lo.

One of the most attractive women on the planet, Monica Bellucci, advocates for natural beauty. She is in no hurry to smooth out the contour of her face and remove the “rings of Venus” on her neck, although she can afford it .

Vanessa Paradis’ imperfect smile did not prevent her from realizing herself as an actress and model, as well as from charming Johnny Depp himself, with whom she gave birth to a beautiful daughter .

A grueling schedule always takes its toll. However, Angelina Jolie does not even think about hiding the blue under her eyes with a thick layer of concealer .

Sharon Stone does not chase youth and accepts herself for who she is. And he does the right thing!

Meghan Markle’s face is strewn with cute freckles that don’t spoil her at all. After all, this is quite normal .

Despite the wrinkles on her forehead, Amanda Seyfried calmly manages without Botox. And she looks great .

Kate Upton is not at all bothered by her upper lip mustache. Moreover, they do not make her any less attractive .

Our today’s heroines cannot boast of an ideal appearance . But this does not prevent them from basking in the rays of fame and love from fans. What do you think, should stars get rid of absolutely any flaw? Or, on the contrary, promote natural beauty? Share your opinion in the comments!

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