Time spares no one. Who did your favorite stars of the 90s turn into?

Sometimes it seems that the stars of the past then and now are completely different people . Just look at what those who were on the horse in the 90s look like now! The energetic Brendan Fraser swelled monstrously and turned from a macho man into an office clerk. Ryan Reynolds , on the contrary, has matured considerably and no longer resembles a slob student. Ashton Kutcher has gone from being the dream of millions of girls to becoming a family man. Scarlett Johansson has lost the impetuosity of her youth, gaining in return the gloss of a society lady. Only JLo and Anne Hathaway seem to have not changed at all!

Stars of the past then and now. What they were, what they turned into

Drew Barrymore

Cameron Diaz

Celine Dion

Brendan Fraser

Ann Hataway

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Scarlett Johansson

Heidi Klum

Ashton Kutcher

Jennifer Lopez

Ricky Martin

Brad Pitt

Natalie Portman

Ryan Reynolds

Britney Spears

Uma Thurman

Yes, time really does not spare anyone. But at least some of the stars of the 90s stand up to him quite decently!

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