Celebrities who didn’t even graduate from high school. Why sit at your desk when Hollywood is waiting.

There is a stereotype in our society that children must receive higher education . After all, without a piece of paper-diploma, everyone knows who you are. What if we tell you that many modern stars have not even graduated from school, let alone universities. We, of course, do not encourage anyone to quit their studies and believe that school is the most important layer of education, the basis for further advancement. But today we will show the other side of the coin. Our selection includes celebrities without education who, by their own free will or by chance, dropped out of school.


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Celebrities without education

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe, who is probably known in every corner of the planet for his role as the young wizard Harry Potter, decided not to waste time on any kind of education. Radcliffe spent his childhood and youth filming Harry Potter, which lasted more than ten years. The boy could combine study and cinema, but his classmates decided otherwise. Due to the popularity that fell on Daniel, the guys began to treat him with hostility . Changing schools didn’t help either. Daniel studied a little with tutors and even thought about going to college, but decided to devote himself entirely to acting.


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Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s youth was quite turbulent. What kind of school are we talking about if at the age of 13 the girl was already in a rehabilitation center ? However, this did not stop her from becoming a real star. Maybe school is not needed when at the age of 9 you have already received the prestigious Golden Globe Award. We think that now 46-year-old Drew is not too worried about not graduating from high school. But the actress has 90 works in her arsenal, they love her, they watch her films and wait for the release of new ones.


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Demmy Moor

Demi had difficult relationships in her family, so she often ran away from home. Like Drew Barrymore, Demi Moore had periods when she did not lead a completely healthy lifestyle . She finally left school at age 16. Demi built her modeling career and then moved into the film industry. As we see, not in vain.


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Nicolas Cage

Nicholas Kim Coppola (this is the actor’s real name) dreamed of building an acting career from a young age. He is the nephew of famous director Francis Coppola. It would seem that with such family connections it would not be difficult for a boy to break into the cinema. But Nicholas decided to distance himself from his famous uncle and even changed his last name. For the sake of his dream of cinema, he abandoned his studies . And soon he woke up famous: all thanks to “Rough Times at Ridgemont High.” Nicholas advised his friend, our next hero, to go into the film industry.


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Johnny Depp

Cage persuaded Johnny Depp to go to the casting of A Nightmare on Elm Street. After this, fame came to Johnny. He dropped out of school in the 8th grade . True, not for the sake of cinema. Can you imagine, Depp first looked for himself in music. He began his stellar journey as a guitarist. Thanks to Nicolas Cage, otherwise our Jack Sparrow and Edward Scissorhands would cry.

Nicole Kidman

The beautiful Nicole Kidman had to leave school not of her own free will . It just so happened that Nicole’s mother became very ill – she was diagnosed with cancer. In order to somehow help the family, young Nicole had to look for work. She got a job in a massage parlor. Soon the girl even gave up trying to finish her studies. And later world fame fell on her. Then Nicole Kidman also had no time for textbooks.


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As you can see, these celebrities found themselves and their calling in life even without a diploma. His absence did not prevent him from becoming the idol of millions of viewers.

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