Ridiculous outfits of stars at the Cannes Film Festival. Which celebrity disgraced himself?

Large-scale social events, attended by a bunch of celebrities, cannot do without fashionable failures on the red carpet. But this year’s failed outfits at the Cannes Film Festival exceeded all expectations.

Of course, there were never any funny situations. But still, this particular event is distinguished by French sophistication and the lightness of the summer season. Coming to Cannes , stars one way or another try to look appropriate, without getting carried away by fashionable innovations and experiments.

But maybe after the pandemic, everyone is so hungry for going out in public that they don’t think adequately when choosing their bow. Either stylists have forgotten how to choose the right outfits for stars. In general, fashion failures are a dime a dozen this year.

The worst outfits at the Cannes Film Festival

21-year-old actress Luna Wedler apparently wanted to establish herself as a fashion icon, but something went wrong.

And with her next appearance, Wedler finally convinced everyone that she didn’t know how to dress.

Model Isabelle Goulard decided to say hello from the early 2000s, but she clearly chose not the best style for her figure.

Tina Kunaki obviously did not want to part with her bed and pulled the blanket right over herself.

Tilda Swinton is also a lover of fashion experiments. But why did you have to distort your own silhouette like that?

But Alicia Ilis was clearly going to emphasize all her advantages. But as a result, she clearly showed how the wrong dress can ruin even a model’s figure.

But the main fashion shock this year in Cannes was the appearance of Sharon Stone. The actress wanted to appear in the image of some kind of flower fairy. But the public called her nothing less than “an elderly Cinderella.”

o matter how much you teach stars that experiments are best left for fashion weeks, they still put on the damn thing when going to the red carpet.

But this is not even the end of the event. You never know, maybe the worst outfits at the Cannes Film Festival are yet to come.

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