Why Meghan Markle’s promising first marriage turned into a living hell and how her relationship with Prince Harry differs.

Before her marriage to Prince Harry, his wife Meghan Markle was in a fairly long relationship with Trevor Engelson. When 23-year-old Megan met her future first husband, he was 28 years old. Trevor Engelson was producing films and it was most likely their work that brought them together. However, it seems that she separated them.

Trevor Engelson – Meghan Markle’s first husband

Megan and Trevor met in 2004. Very soon the couple began to live together. Before formalizing the relationship, the young people dated for 7 years.

The wedding ceremony took place in 2011 in Jamaica. Megan was 30 years old at that time, and Trevor was 35. More than 100 guests were present at the wedding, and they walked for four days.

However, the marriage did not last long. Already in 2013, the actress and producer filed for divorce. Moreover, Trevor admitted that the initiator of the divorce was Megan, which completely discouraged him. The actress returned her engagement and wedding rings to the producer by mail. The official reason for the divorce was given as “irreconcilable differences.”

According to friends, the problem in Megan and Trevor’s marriage was distance. Shortly after the wedding, Markle landed a role in Suits and therefore spent a lot of time in Toronto. The producer was in Los Angeles. And, although he came to his wife for filming, they spent a lot of time apart.

According to Megan’s friend, everything turned upside down when the actress became famous. Markle changed and no longer valued her marriage to a producer, whose business was not going so well.

According to insiders, after the divorce the former spouses did not remain friends. The producer refused to give interviews about his relationship with Megan. But the other day Trevor still shared his opinion about his past marriage. According to the American producer, their relationship deteriorated due to the actress’s career growth. Apparently, he had a hard time with the divorce and was left with a bad aftertaste.

After breaking up with Trevor, the actress wrote on her blog that she did not want to waste time on those who tell lies and try to manipulate her.

What’s happening in the lives of former lovers now?

Now the former spouses have found their happiness in other relationships. Meghan Markle became the wife of Prince Harry in 2018. The family has expanded to include son Archie and baby Lilibet. Comparing Meghan Markle’s second marriage with her first, observers drew attention to the fact that in the first, the actress sacrificed family relationships for the sake of her career. In her second marriage, Markle abandoned the profession of an actress for the sake of her beloved man.

A year after the royal wedding, Trevor Engelson formalized his relationship with Tracy Kurland, who is 11 years his junior. Tracy is a wealthy heiress. The wedding was held on the beach in California, and the party itself took place in an expensive hotel on the beach.

According to Tracy’s friend, the couple is not interested in news about the royal family. Not long ago, the couple had a daughter.

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