She was embarrassed in a holy place: what outfit was Kim Kardashian shamed for during her visit to the Vatican?

Yearning for travel and inspired by the expression “All roads lead to Rome,” 40-year-old Kim went to sunny Italy. Each time, the star tirelessly delighted fans with spectacular appearances. And even while visiting the main attraction of the country, the beauty did not change her own style. For which I received a scolding from subscribers. We’ll tell you why Internet users didn’t like Kim Kardashian’s revealing dress .

Why the public didn’t appreciate Kim Kardashian’s revealing dress

The reality TV star was not alone in visiting the clergy residence. The beauty was accompanied by 47-year-old supermodel Kate Moss and her 18-year-old daughter Lila. For a joint appearance, Kim chose a tight-fitting white lace dress with bare shoulders and piquant cutouts in the stomach and back.

Please note that the rules of the Vatican complex prohibit guests from coming with bare arms, cleavage and stomach. This ban also applies to shorts and skirts above the knees.

Many felt that the star violated the rules of protocol with her bold appearance. Users emphasized that she should have chosen a more modest outfit. “Kim, of course, has never been known for modesty, but this is too much,” “The rules are not written for the rich,” “It would be worth showing at least a little respect and not being naked in a holy place. The girls of the Kardashian family are incorrigible ,” subscribers write.

Kim did not keep silent from the storm of indignation. In her recent post, the beauty writes: “No need to worry – I took into account the designated dress code. Everything was covered up during the visit to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel . ” Judging by the photo, the star actually covered herself with a black leather jacket with long arms.

By the way, Kardashian rarely makes long posts on her Instagram. She often leaves laconic captions under photographs. However, a tour of the Vatican unexpectedly got the star talking.

“The experience of visiting the Vatican was incredible. Seeing the legendary works of art with my own eyes was simply amazing. I was especially impressed by the works of Michelangelo. In addition, we were even lucky enough to see with our own eyes a collection of robes worn by popes dating back to the 1500s ,” said Kim.

Do you think Kim deserved a reprimand from her followers for her bold outfit? Or was the star unreasonably covered with a wave of hate? We are waiting for your opinion in the comments!

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