Can supermodels cheat time and preserve their beauty?

Many men and women looked in awe at how Janice_Dickinson or Cindy_Crawford once walked down the runway. It would seem_that_it_was_quite_recently. It’s hard to believe, but Janice has already celebrated her 66th birthday, and Cindy turned 55. Although supermodels are “super,” they age just like ordinary people. Time leaves its imprints on their faces and bodies. Today we invite you to see how the supermodels of the world have changed over the years . Some of them have long since completed their modeling journey, while others continue to delight with appearances on the catwalk.


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Supermodels of the world and how time has changed them

Irina Shayk

The beauty of Irina Shayk has been celebrated at all times. It’s not for nothing that she won the heart of handsome Bradley Cooper , and now there are rumors about her romance with Kanye West . Irina began her modeling career in 2004. She is now 35 years old.

Kate Moss

47-year-old_Kate_Moss is_one_of_the_highest paid_models_in_the_world. The peak of her modeling career was in the 90s and zero years. And in 2007, Kate, in addition, entered the hundred most influential people in the world .

Tyra Banks

Kate Moss’s same year, Tyra Banks, has many talents. She is a supermodel, producer, television_host, singer and actress. The girl proudly walked the catwalk, and then created her own show for models, “America’s_Next_Top_Model.”

Naomi Campbell

Naomi has been working on the catwalk since she was 15 years old. She is a living legend , there is no other way to describe her. Worldwide success came to her in the 90s. But the model had to work hard for this. Naomi is now 51 years old. During this time, the woman managed to build not only a modeling career: she also sings and acts in films.

Janice Dickinson

Self-proclaimed_America’s_first_supermodel, Janice Dickinson was a muse_for_Versace, Valentino and Calvin Klein. Her fees were close to Hollywood: the model could earn 2 thousand dollars a day. And she worked a lot. Janice relaxed just as selflessly. Once, at one of the shows, she drank too much champagne and fell from the podium into the lap of the Italian diva Sophia Loren . Anything could happen. Only those days are long gone. Janice is now 66 years old.

Cindy Crawford

Dream Girl – that’s what Cindy Crawford was called in America. And although she left the modeling business a long time ago , many remember this slender beauty on catwalks and magazine_covers. Now Cindy is 55 years old, and she has already managed to write a book about her career.

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