Why do people criticize Madonna’s son for showing off in a dress?

American_pop_diva_Madonna, in addition to building a wonderful career in show_business, has fully realized herself as a mother . The singer has_six_children : two biological and four whom she adopted into the family. The star’s eldest daughter, Lourdes, is now building a modeling career. Interestingly, Madonna’s son, 15-year-old David, is also partial to fashion.

Son of Madonna

The singer adopted_David_in_2006 . At that time he had just turned one year old. Then Madonna’s_husband_was_British film director and producer_Guy_Ritchie. He became a father to the boy. Now the guy is 15years old , and Madonna actively shares the young man’s successes on her social networks. She recently posted a video of David on her Instagram, where he parades around the house in a long white silk dress. He is also wearing stylish sunglasses and white sneakers.

Madonna captioned the video: “Self-confidence is everything . ” In addition to the video, the singer also posted pictures with her son. He poses like a real catwalk star. Many see wonderful modeling potential in the boy . By the way, Madonna herself noted in one of her interviews that she and David have a lot in common. If you compare her character with the characters of her other children, then David is closest to her. According to the singer, the young man is just as purposeful.

After the fashion show, David noted that it was very comfortable to walk in the dress: it was loose and did not pinch anywhere. Many fans praised Madonna’s son, noting his charisma. Of course, there were opponents of the video and David’s fashion show in general in a dress.

“First you tried to make him a football player, and now you’re trying to make him Billy Porter? These are children, don’t dress them up like dolls.” (Billy Porter – American singer and actor, ed.). And some even called everything that happens in the video evil witchcraft. “What type of evil witchcraft did you subject these children to?”


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Children of Madonna

When Madonna accepted David into the family, a real scandal broke out . After all, the boy is from Malawi, and according to their laws, adoptive parents must live in the country for at least a year before adoption. Madonna did not live there for so long, but then returned twice more. She also adopted three girls in Malawi: Chifundo_Mercy and twins_Esther_and_Stella.

Madonna also has two biological children: 24-year-old Lourdes and 20-year-old Rocco.

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