Why the amazing couple Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin broke up.

Naomi Campbell is one of those women for whom the word “supermodel” was coined. Her career and her personal life have always been of interest to the public. Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin were one of the hottest couples a few years ago. Their relationship still sometimes becomes the main topic of the tabloids.

Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin

Despite the fact that there were many men in the supermodel’s life, her most famous romance happened only at the age of 37. She celebrated her birthday in Cannes, where Russian billionaire Vladislav Doronin was vacationing. Their relationship developed very rapidly.

For the press they became the main sensation of the season. Paparazzi from all over the world tried to get photos of the couple, journalists sniffed out at least something about the relationship. It was known from insiders that Doronin managed to curb Campbell’s wild temper. They seemed to be perfect for each other.

It soon became clear that the billionaire was married. And although he and his wife did not live together, the stamp in his passport interfered with his relationship with the supermodel. After a long divorce process, Naomi was waiting for a marriage proposal. But it didn’t come.

It was reported that the model is not only ready to marry Doronin, but is also not averse to finally becoming a mother . She even moved to Russia to be closer to her beloved. However, already in 2013, the couple unexpectedly broke up, and the reasons remained unknown.

The former partners themselves say that they simply did not get along in character. Naomi is a party girl and a rebel, ready to party all day long. Vladislav is her complete opposite. He leads a healthy lifestyle and prefers meditation and a strict daily routine to parties.

However, according to rumors, Doronin simply found himself a new passion. She became another model Kristina Romanova. It was the feelings for her that destroyed the relationship with Campbell. By the way, the billionaire still lives with Romanova, although without an official marriage.

It’s funny that years later the press started talking about Campbell and Doronin again. The fact is that in 2020, the ex-partners exchanged lawsuits. The supermodel demands her things back, and the billionaire demands his money. Although they say that this is just a game, a small fight for power.

One way or another, Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin were one of the brightest couples of their time. Maybe, looking at them, it’s worth thinking about how true the expression is that opposites attract.

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