Why was everyone silent about Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer’s romance during the filming of Friends?

Fans have been waiting for a Friends reunion for years . And now it has happened. A special edition of the cult series was released on the HBO Max platform. Six on-screen friends turned into real soul mates in life. Some aspects of the special came as a surprise to fans. So, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston admitted that on the set of the first season of Friends they were crazy about each other . What can I say, they were not just crazy, they were in love.

David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston: love on the set

David Schwimmer played Ross Geller in the series, and Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Green. Millions worried about this couple : many dreamed that they would be together. But according to the script, everything was not so simple. Although in the tenth season, the creators of “Friends” still gave the viewer the desired ending.

In a special episode of the series, filmed 17 years later, the actors finally shared their secrets . Many were surprised that no one began a romantic relationship on the set. But, as it turned out, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston were in love with each other. Now they have admitted it. David stated that his feelings for Jen were real. In turn, the actress emphasized that they were mutual.

However, as often happens in relationships, something can constantly get in the way. According to Schwimmer, what hampered him and Aniston was that someone was always in a relationship . Therefore, they tried not to cross the line. They managed to channel all their sincere feelings for each other into their characters. Apparently, that’s why everyone loved the couple Ross and Rachel so much.


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Did no one guess about the feelings of the actors?

As the actors say now, they didn’t even really try to hide the spark that flared up between them. On set, they could lie together on the sofa and hug, and they could fall asleep together there. We did a lot of things in the same spirit. Therefore, it is strange for David and Jennifer that none of their colleagues suspected that they were in love.

However, this was not entirely true. The situation in “Reunion” was commented on by Courteney Cox , who played Monica, Ross’s sister, in the series. She emphasized that, of course, they all guessed about David and Jen’s feelings. It’s just that no one wanted to embarrass the actors with their questions and friendly jokes. It is also interesting how the actors’ first kiss took place.

In the series, they kissed for the first time in a cafe where they constantly have get-togethers. The episode is endlessly romantic, but also not without humor (just remember the locks on the doors that Rachel couldn’t open). Jennifer thought it strange that their first kiss would be shown on national television. After all, for the actors it was not just a kiss between the characters Ross and Rachel.

“Reunion” was undeniably an incredibly touching episode in the history of Friends. We are sure that many fans definitely shed a tear . We at the editorial office wanted to review all the seasons of the series ourselves. After all, this is not just a sitcom, but an entire ten-year era.

Have you already watched the special episode? How are your impressions?

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