50-year-old Naomi Campbell unexpectedly became a mother for the first time. The model showed a photo of the baby.

One of the most famous supermodels in history, Naomi Campbell, will turn 51 on May 22 . During her life, the woman had many high-profile romances, but never started a family. Imagine the surprise of fans when on May 18 they learned that Naomi Campbell had become a mother. The corresponding news appeared on the supermodel’s Instagram.

“Beautiful little happiness chose me as her mother. It is such a great honor for me to accept this gentle soul into my life that there are not enough words to describe the connection that now exists between us, my angel. There is no greater love in the world ,” Naomi captioned the photo.

Over the years, Campbell has spoken differently about children in interviews. In general, the woman said that she would not mind becoming a mother someday, but has not yet found the one with whom she would like to start a family. Only last year, Naomi admitted that she did not consider herself ready for motherhood.

However, this is not the most interesting thing. The fact is that the supermodel appeared in public in April. And then her pregnancy was completely unnoticeable. In addition, some commentators noted that the mother and daughter have quite different skin tones. Therefore, we can assume that the star used the services of a surrogate mother.

For now, the happy mother is not going to comment on the rumors. How to reveal the identity of the father. But she gladly accepts congratulations. In addition to fans, Zoe Saldana, Marc Jacobs, Eva Herzigova and many other celebrities have already tagged under the post.

And yet, the news about Naomi’s motherhood is like a bolt from the blue. Only recently, the supermodel said that she does not feel lonely and is worried that work may interfere with her family life. Now try to understand how sincere the woman was with the journalists.

“Being alone does not mean being lonely. I have no time for boredom or loneliness. Confidentiality is important to me in relationships. I always worry that work will interfere. In this sense, I have my own methods, Robert De Niro taught me ,” she said.

Naomi Campbell became a mother, that’s a fact. And, hopefully, the supermodel will share the details very soon. So for now we just congratulate Naomi on such an important event!

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