Which celebrity men have ideal facial features from a scientific point of view?

You can argue forever about which country has the most beautiful men or women. After all, everyone’s perception of beauty is subjective. But there is also one very scientific, and therefore objective, way of assessing appearance. The point is this: on a subconscious level, we have a love for symmetry and other manifestations of harmony. And it turned out that the closer the proportions of the face are to the golden ratio, the more beautiful it will seem to us, regardless of subjective preferences.

Of course, no one has the patience to check the entire population of the Earth like this. But they still decided to evaluate the appearance of famous men from a scientific point of view. And here are the 10 most attractive celebrities from the stronger sex, according to the laws of the golden ratio.

The most beautiful men according to science

10th place, Ryan Gosling – 87.48% perfect

The actor’s nose has almost ideal proportions, but the rest of his facial features, although not far behind, allowed Gosling to show off only in last place in the top ten most charming.

9th place, Kanye West – 87.94%

The shape of the artist’s face is not so harmonious, but the position of the eyes and chin compensate for everything.

8th place, Idris Elba – 88.01%

The actor, of course, is still handsome, but you must admit, he is not the most popular. But if I got into the top five, I would definitely get the most notable roles.

7th place, David Beckham – 88.96% perfect

Meet Mr. “Most Proportional Lips and Chin.”

6th place, Hugh Jackman – 89.64%

The beloved Wolverine was let down only by the proportions of his lips.

5th place, George Clooney – 89.91%

Maybe if appearance assessments had been done like this 10 years earlier, Clooney would have topped the list of handsome men. But now he could only get into the top 5.

4th place, Brad Pitt – 90.51%

Just think, I broke up with Jolie . Such a handsome guy won’t be single for long.

3rd place, Bradley Cooper – 91.08%

If the actor had a different face shape, he would have outdone everyone.

2nd place, Henry Cavill – 91.64%

Well, how can Superman not be the embodiment of perfection itself? But someone still surpassed Henry.

1st place, Robert Pattinson – 92.15% perfect

These are whose features, both when examined separately and in combination with each other, are almost perfect, according to the laws of the golden ratio.

An interesting pattern: the selection includes as many as four actors from superhero universes. Of course, we haven’t seen Pattinson’s Batman yet. But we suspect that the producers of Marvel and DC also take into account the laws of the golden ratio so that only the most handsome men play in their films.

Well, what do you think, can the handsome men from this selection be called the most charming among male celebrities? Or you remembered someone more attractive, but at the same time completely inconsistent with the scientific basis of beauty. We will wait for your answer in the comments below the article.

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