Why the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis was ashamed of her appearance.

A person is far more than just his appearance. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to accept their shortcomings in appearance. Some people don’t like their figure, others don’t like their face or skin imperfections. Sometimes you have to work hard to accept yourself and live a happy life no matter what you look like. The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Tallulah Willis, had to go through this .

Demi Moore’s daughters

Famous actress Demi Moore has three daughters : Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. Demi and Bruce’s youngest daughter, Tallulah, suffered for a long time from a mental disorder related to her appearance. The girl openly shared her problem with the whole world.

On her Instagram, 27-year-old actress Tallulah Willis said that she only recently realized several important things. Besides, it took her a long time to realize. Tallulah realized that aging happens without our control. Time passes – the body and face change. Moreover, the actress admitted that she suffers from body dysmorphic disorder . She was very worried about her appearance.


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“I blamed myself for not looking like my mother. After I was told that I was Bruce Willis’s twin, I was outraged by the similarity. I believed that my “male” face was the only reason for my dislike of myself. But this is a lie! I was and remain inherently valuable and worthy at any stage of life, in any body and with any hair (just like you).”


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Wisdom from Demi Moore’s Daughter

And finally, the most important conclusion made by Tallulah. The girl realized that before trying to change something in her appearance, she needed to work on the inner side of the problem, take care of mental and mental health. Tallulah is confident that there is no need to be afraid to talk about the problem. “Ask for help. Don’t be ashamed, this is not a “stupid question,” this is real psychological pain ,” Tallulah shares her experience.


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Fans supported the daughter of Bruce Willis . Many consider her attractive, and most importantly, wise. “I don’t want to offend anyone, but Tallulah is nicer than most of the commentators, including me. It’s a shame that such complexes were imposed on her ,” “First of all, she’s pretty. Fashionable appearance nowadays. And secondly, she is no worse than the other two sisters. Such thoughts need to be driven to hell ,” users advise.

By the way, Tallulah, despite her complexes, became a happy bride . Her boyfriend Dylan Bass proposed to the actress.

Do you think appearance is important? What advice would you give to Tallulah and others who are unsure of themselves?

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