Angelina Jolie hasn’t always been a beauty icon. What the star looked like in her youth.

The public’s favorite Angelina Jolie was not always a luxurious lady. Now we know her as a successful actress, loving mother, and philanthropist. But in her youth, Angelina was still that rebel , a lighter and a scandalous girl. We’ll tell you further how Angelina Jolie’s style changed .

Angelina Jolie’s style: from rebel to lady

Of course, Angelina’s film roles directly influenced the formation of her style. So, in 1995, the film “Hackers” was released , where Jolie was in the image of a short-haired tomboy. For some time she did not leave this image in real life.

And after filming the legendary films about Lara Croft , where the actress, in fact, embodied the main character, Angelina Jolie really fell in love with daring leather items in the style of Lara.

For quite a long period of his life, the Hollywood star emphasized his dark side in every possible way . Black outfits, pale skin. This combination made Angelina more of a heroine of The Addams Family. However, she liked it, and she treated criticism without much emotion. What can I say – for the first time the actress got married not in a white dress, which many girls dream of, but in a T-shirt with her husband’s name. Angelina wrote it with her own blood!

More conservative views on style

If earlier the actress often chose short tops, tight trousers and similar clothes that would emphasize her figure, then in the early 2000s everything changed dramatically. Angelina Jolie’s worldview was influenced by many factors: she divorced her husband, became a UN Goodwill Ambassador, adopted a child, had a fight with her father and learned about her mother’s illness. Too many shocks befell the actress then. This also influenced her style, making it more conservative .

Angelina began to choose simpler and calmer looks. The wardrobe slowly turned into a more classic one : medium-length skirts, loose trousers, calm colors. The vamp woman still sometimes came out, though most often during filming.

Now Angelina Jolie’s evening dresses are a separate form of art. The actress always looks elegant , but at the same time quite laconic, which is what attracts attention. I used to always think, looking at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt , that it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing if the first Hollywood handsome man is leading you on the arm.

Angelina does not always dress in haute-couture even for social events. She can also buy a cheap dress from a vintage store. And in everyday life he prefers simple and comfortable clothes . Angelina Jolie will never wear heels without a special occasion. The best friends for every day for the actress are comfortable pants and T-shirts, as well as low-top shoes.

Do you like Angelina Jolie’s style? Which is better: now or in your youth?

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