Gigi Hadid’s father praised her for achieving everything on her own. Fans are outraged.

The other day, the famous_model_Gigi_Hadid celebrated her_26th_birthday . One of the most touching_congratulations was published by the star’s father, 72-year-old Mohamed Hadid. Even on such a festive day, netizens perceived some aspects of their father’s_congratulations with ambiguity. For example, a statement that a girl has achieved everything in her career on her own.

Model Gigi Hadid and father’s_congratulations

Millionaire Mohamed Hadid, the supermodel’s father, touchingly_congratulated her on her birthday. He published archival photos with his daughter online and also wrote some facts about her.


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Among other things, the father mentioned that his daughter had an excellent education: she studied at New_York_University and completed a course in forensic psychology. Gigi Hadid also plays_basketball_well and is a good horsewoman. My father is proud that Gigi has become a UNICEF_ambassador, not only in the USA, but also in a number of other countries.

The father also remembered that Gigi participated in the Olympic Games in volleyball.

“She has the highest number of Vogue Magazine covers around the world—about fifty,” shares Mohamed.

What confused the fans

But most of all, users were confused by the fact that, according to her father, Gigi Hadid achieved everything on her own. Mohamed emphasized that the daughter did not take a single dollar from her parents – she made herself.

“Did you make yourself? It’s more fitting that I was born into a privileged family.”

“Gigi was already born rich. Mom is a model, dad is a businessman. Just because of this, he and his sister have many contracts.”

Users also remembered the show “Real_Housewives_of_Beverly_Hills,” in which Gigi and her mother_Yolanda once starred.

“Gigi’s mother paid for her apartment in New York when she moved. They talked about this on the show. Is it possible to say that she didn’t take a dollar from her parents?”

Many believe that Gigi Hadid, having been born into a rich family, has already received a ticket to a comfortable life . Now, if she didn’t have famous parents, but was able to become the same Gigi, it would be a completely different matter.

So far, neither the father nor Gigi herself have responded to the comments online. Do you think it’s possible to say that the girl_achieved_success on her own?

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