Time is inexorable. What John Travolta’s favorite partner, 70-year-old actress Kirstie Alley, looks like now.

The wonderful actress Kirstie Alley, who is remembered for her roles in good old American comedies , has already celebrated her 70th birthday . Kirsty’s acting career has subsided over time, but we remember her successful roles in the comedy “Who’s to Say” and in the sitcoms “Merry Company” and “Veronica’s Salon.”

Early life of Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley made her debut in 1982 with the release of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (also known as Star Trek). The actress’s role there was inconspicuous. But everything changed in 1989, when Ellie played with John Travolta in the film Who’s to Say. The good family comedy was very popular. And John Travolta repeatedly noted in interviews that Kirsty became his favorite film partner.

Actress Kirstie Alley received several Emmy awards : for her roles in the sitcoms “Merry Company” and “Veronica’s Salon”, and she also received an award for her role in the film “David’s Mother”.


Soon the actress began to have problems with excess weight . She stopped acting, but attended various reality shows. Kirstie Alley managed to revive her acting career after participating in the project “Dancing with the Stars.”

2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the release of the film Who Would Tell . The studio that released the comedy was going to please viewers with a reboot of the film.

What actress Kirstie Alley looks like now

Age does not spare anyone , however, even at 70 years old, actress Kirstie Alley is a beautiful woman.

“Yes, she’s a little overweight, but she looks great for her 70 years . May God grant everyone to look like this in such years.”

“She looks fine! The world has gone crazy with parameters and standards. We adjust everyone to 90–60–90, height is only 1.70 cm, and weight? The less, the better, even to the detriment of health! We were all born different, individual , and they are trying to make us clones. Spit on everything and be yourself!”

“And she’s still a beauty ,” “Time is inexorable. She looks great for her age, at least not funny, like some of our younger, older divas in short skirts.”

Do you like actress Kirstie Alley? What was her most memorable role?

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