Bandera, Anastassakis and other real names of Hollywood stars.

Many celebrities not only perform, but also live under pseudonyms. And if with the singers Pink and Lady Gaga it is obvious that these are not their real names, then the fact that Reese Witherspoon uses her mother’s maiden name instead of her name is a little surprising. Some borrowed names, others chose one of the two given at birth, and some took a pseudonym. Today we decided to reveal the real names of stars that you have probably never heard of.

Revealing the cards: the real names of Hollywood stars

Vin Diesel – Mark Vincent

The actor came up with his pseudonym at the age of 17, shortening his last name and adding a funny combination. According to the star, the name Mark Vincent seemed too intelligent and boring to him.

Demi Moore – Demetria Jean Guynes

Agree, Demi Moore is both easier to remember and easier to pronounce. And all thanks to the star’s first husband, whose name was Freddie Moore. Moreover, the actress herself was completely satisfied with her maiden name and she even wanted to return it after her divorce from her husband. Fortunately, the producers dissuaded Demi.

Antonio Banderas – Jose Antonio Dominguez Bandera

Antonio decided to follow in the footsteps of most Spanish-speaking artists – and shortened the traditionally long name. In addition to the fact that Banderas left only two of the four words, he also decided to make minor adjustments to his last name. Why do you think the Spaniard added an extra letter at the end?


Jackie Chan – Chen Gansheng

It is known that he borrowed the surname Chan from his parents. The actor also chose the name Jackie not by chance. When the creator of the kung fu comedy genre was working on a construction site, he was taken under the wing of a worker named Jack. Other construction friends jokingly nicknamed him “Jack Jr.” The nickname was later shortened to “Jackie.”


Reese Witherspoon – Laura Jean Witherspoon

It turned out that at the beginning of her creative career, the eminent blonde took a pseudonym for herself. She decided to use her mother’s maiden name instead of her first name and left her real last name as it was. The actress was sure that the new name in combination with the surname sounded much more beautiful.

Brad Pitt – William Bradley Pitt

We dare to suggest that the second name seemed more euphonious to the actor. However, insiders claim that when Pitt flirts with women, he often uses his first name, William. However, it is obvious that the ladies perceive this as a cute joke, nothing more.

Natalie Portman – Neta-Lee Herschlag

At the age of 13, the beauty was lucky enough to star in a film by Luc Besson. However, parents and some relatives were against the girl being involved in the world of show business. Moreover, some of them were sure that the baby would simply disgrace the family name. Therefore, the future star decided to take her grandmother’s surname.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – Rachel Meghan Markle and Henry Charles Albert David

It is noteworthy that the heroine in the series “Suits”, played by Megan, was also named Rachel. Amazing coincidence, isn’t it? However, Markle herself prefers her middle name. And the actress’s husband, Prince Harry, generally goes by a pseudonym instead of a name. Moreover, he indicates it even in official documents.

It’s not for nothing that they say: “Whatever you name the ship, that’s how it will sail.” Perhaps it was the name change that played into the hands of our today’s heroes. Admit it, if you had to take a pseudonym , what would it sound like? Be sure to write your ideas in the comments!

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