Why does Angelina Jolie really take revenge on Brad Pitt so zealously?

In love you should always be on guard. Otherwise, a spark of feelings can grow into a destructive flame that is almost impossible to extinguish. This is a story of two poles, a high-profile divorce and painful litigation. Moreover, there is no end in sight for the latter – they have been dragging on for five years now. We tell you why the fight between former spouses does not stop and what is the reason for the protracted conflict between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt .

The main reason for the conflict between Jolie and Pitt

While receiving a SAG Awards statuette for his role in the film Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Brad made a fatal mistake: he turned his breakup with Angie into a joke. Then he said: “I admit, it was a difficult role. A guy who takes substances, takes off his shirt and doesn’t get along with his wife…” The last words caused loud laughter and applause from the audience. The camera caught the violent reaction of the star guests of the ceremony, and then stopped on Jennifer Aniston. She smiled tenderly, not taking her eyes off her ex-husband.

According to insiders, Jolie was furious at what she saw: her ex-lover triumphantly returned to the world of big cinema to the jubilant cheers of the public, and even dared to mock her. But the last straw was the public embrace of Brad and Jen after receiving the coveted statuette. It seemed that the actor did not want to let her go, thereby causing a wave of rumors in the media about the resumption of his relationship with Aniston.

If you believe the informants, everything inside Angelina broke down. After all, she was again overtaken by the shadow of Jennifer, whom everyone considered the victim of “the homewrecker Jolie.” Neither the birth and adoption of children, nor the charity and endless trips of “Mrs. Smith” to third world countries could win the public over to her side. Because they still can’t forgive her for taking Pitt away from Aniston.

Threats to Jolie

According to anonymous reports, after the joyful meeting and awkward hugs of Brad and Jen at the notorious event, Angie conveyed a message to her ex-husband. Believe it or not is everyone’s business. However, the information is very interesting. So, Jolie threatened Pitt that she would reduce his time with the children if he started seeing Aniston again. “If he got back together with his first wife, Jolie would definitely be blown away, believe me ,” the insider assures.

Note that this was the first official meeting of Brad and Jen in a long time, captured by photographers. “He shouldn’t even look in the direction of other women while there are litigations regarding child custody. As you can already see, Jolie is aggressive. She has all the trump cards up her sleeve, and she can use them at any time ,” added an informant from the circle of Californian lawyers. Nevertheless, rumors that Pitt and Aniston are communicating again and even celebrated more than one Christmas with the actor’s parents have been circulating for a long time.


Jen sided with Brad

In the end, the actor’s fears came true – Jolie brought in the heavy artillery. She came to the next court hearing with her 19-year-old adopted son Maddox . For Pitt, this was a stab in the back: the child he raised testified against him and confirmed the fact of his father’s unworthy behavior. Despite the fact that Brad admitted everything a long time ago and realized his mistake, Angie continues to compare him to the ground.

Help came from an unexpected place: after the news about Maddox’s accusations was published on the Internet, Pitt received a call from Aniston. The star said that if necessary, she is ready to appear in court and support him. To which Brad replied that he would definitely not let this happen. The actor felt devastated, but a call from his former lover significantly lifted his spirit.

Friends of the former couple assure: this conversation definitely brought them closer. “Jen told him she was sure he would do the same for her. This doesn’t mean they are back together. She just loves Brad very much . ” Would you like this couple to resume their relationship? Feel free to write in the comments!

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