Why Sarah Jessica Parker is rightfully considered the queen of evening looks.

On March 25, one of the most stylish actresses in Hollywood turned 56 years old, and you couldn’t tell by looking at her! The ever-blooming Sarah Jessica Parker knows how to always look her best. And even though she denies any resemblance to her film heroine Carrie Bradshaw, they still have something in common – a passion for fashion. On the occasion of the star’s birthday, we remember her most spectacular evening dresses.

 Whether it’s the red carpet or a casual outing with the kids, Sarah doesn’t mind teaching a fashion lesson . And for this we simply adore her.

Queen of evening looks Sarah Jessica Parker

Dress by Giles Deacon

The audience held their breath when Sarah appeared at the opening of the ballet season in New York in a stunning red ballroom dress. A puffy hem, puffed sleeves, a piquant neckline and a transparent back – Hollywood chic, no less!

Dress from Dolce & Gabbana

The star’s iconic appearance on the red carpet at the Costume Institute Ball will surely go down in fashion history. The weighty gold dress, adorned with a baroque pattern and scarlet heart details, as well as puffed sleeves and a dramatic train, is something on a whole other level. Shocking? And how! But it was worth it.

Oscar de la Renta dress

On the eve of the opening of the exhibition “Charles James: Beyond Fashion,” Sarah appeared in a fluffy black and white dress, made in the best traditions of the legendary designer. Later, this outfit was called one of the most memorable images of the Met Gala evening. Well, no wonder!

Dress from Christian Dior Haute Couture

Feminine and gentle Jessica Parker in a lush white dress won the hearts of the Oscar audience. With her appearance, the actress showed how with the help of an outfit you can stretch your silhouette and emphasize your advantages. Truly an angelic appearance.

Elie Saab dress

While some criticized this image, others admired it. One thing we can say for sure: the satin dress in the spirit of the card queen from the fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland” did not leave anyone indifferent. Insanely puffy sleeves, a square neckline and a floral decoration in the hair… We’ve already seen this somewhere, haven’t we?

Dress by Zac Posen

A lush, bold, extravagant fuchsia dress became the main topic of discussion at the New York City Ballet gala. It is noteworthy that the actress complemented her unusual look with equally fancy shoes – sandals of different colors. There was a pink shoe on the right foot and a gold shoe on the left.

Dress from Batseva

Don’t know what outfit to choose for going to the theater? Take an example from Sarah Jessica Parker! A sparkling dress with draped metallic fabric is a win-win option for any social evening. It was in it that the star appeared at the premiere of the play at London’s Wyndham’s Theater to support her husband, who played the main role.

Dress by Vivienne Westwood

Sarah at the premiere of the film in which she played her fateful role. Carrie Bradshaw, is that you? A metallic dress exists outside of time and rules – it always looks relevant and shocking. We hope one day she will repeat this image.

Dress from Dolce & Gabbana

Jessica can be different: bright, alluring, wild. Sometimes it seems that the only thing that is unusual for her is to look modest and restrained. But it turned out that she could do this too. Thus, at the premiere of the series “Divorce,” the star appeared in a rich purple dress with an appliqué of multi-colored crystals. No cutouts, no exposed arms or knees – you rarely see a Parker like this.

Dress by Prabal Gurung

However, the actress often pleases fans with more revealing images. A spectacular dress with a deep neckline and cut-out leg, studded with dark blue sequins is a clear confirmation of this. Fortunately, the star has something to brag about.

There is no doubt that Sarah Jessica Parker is good at everything . But still, which image of the Hollywood star did you like the most? Be sure to write your opinion in the comments!

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