Got rich after dropping out of Harvard. How Mark Zuckerberg came to success.

At 36 years old, Mark Zuckerberg has become one of the richest people in the world. The computer tycoon’s fortune is so great that he could give $10 to every single person alive on the planet and still be a billionaire! It’s interesting that with such wealth, Mark still remained that modest. Zuckerberg is absolutely indifferent to luxury, and spends money only on real estate and travel. Moreover, the moneybag programmer himself willingly shares the secrets of his success with the public !

If you have an idea, develop it!

Mark is firmly convinced that if you have an interesting, unusual idea in your head , you should definitely pay attention to it. It’s not a fact, of course, that this idea will grow into a full-fledged business. But the experience you gain while working on something new may later come in handy in other projects.

He who doesn’t take risks doesn’t drink champagne

“ In our modern world, which is changing at tremendous speed, there is only one completely losing strategy of behavior. The only person guaranteed to fail is the one who doesn’t even try to take risks. As strange as it may sound, not taking risks at all is too risky a strategy today ,” Zuckerberg once shared his thoughts with reporters.

Let us note that Mark himself was guided throughout his life by this very principle. Even the first successful program he developed was called “Risk”. It was a computer game that young Zuckerberg’s friends really loved. Mark’s next project, the Synapse player, capable of selecting music to suit the user’s mood at a specific time of day, interested not only the guy’s friends, but also specialists from Microsoft !

You can be the master of your life – be it!

Representatives of Bill Gates’ corporation even offered young Mark a good salary and a warm place in their office. But Zuckerberg refused. Mark was confident that he would become an independent entrepreneur . The path to his own business for the future media mogul passed through Harvard. It was there that Zuckerberg stumbled upon his gold mine!

Oddly enough, Mark was not an excellent student. Zuckerberg had few equals in his field of study, and he did not forget to establish business connections with other students. But the future billionaire’s attendance was poor. In the end, Mark was even kicked out of Harvard , and kicked out for truancy! You see, at that time Zuckerberg was just creating Facebook, which is why he spent his days and nights in front of his computer monitor.

To do something conscientiously, you need to work hard

The purposeful young man conducted several experiments and already knew how the public would react to the emergence of a social network. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg set his priorities correctly and plunged headlong into programming. Harvard had to be sacrificed, since the future billionaire could not diligently attend classes and work hard at the same time.

Business gurus often teach: “ If you want it done well, do it yourself!” “Mark made some changes to this principle: “ Make your product as if you were making it for yourself, and it will be good .” Zuckerberg still runs his social network based on this principle . The programmer himself actively uses Facebook and adds features to it that would be useful to Mark himself.


Don’t focus on one thing

Yes, Zuckerberg had a passion for programming . But at the same time, he did not miss other aspects of life. Mark understood perfectly well: sitting like a harrier in front of the monitor, you can’t make a super successful product. Therefore, Zuckerberg paid a lot of attention to expanding his own horizons. The programmer reads a lot and is interested in psychology and languages.

Mark Zuckerberg: not just a programmer!

In addition, the businessman did not forget about the importance of social connections . In this regard, Harvard gave him much more than in terms of direct knowledge. Mark still retains the connections acquired by the future tycoon within the walls of the university. And in the first years of Facebook’s existence, Zuckerberg’s acquaintances did no less for the social network than Mark’s programming talent.

Of course, the tycoon himself admits that his success has a large share of chance . Yes, Mark Zuckerberg was at the right time and in the right place and was able to grab luck by the tail. Nevertheless, the programmer is confident that it was thanks to his life principles that he was able to recognize a good chance and realize it. And that in itself is worth a lot!

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