Guess the star from a child’s photo: testing your intuition.

We all come from childhood. And the stars are no exception. It’s hard to believe, but celebrities were also capricious and mischievous. In a word, we explored this world just like the rest of us. Behind the backs of these cute kids is an incredible journey from young dreamers to idols of millions . I wonder if our readers will be able to guess the current public favorites from children’s photographs?

Celebrities in childhood: guess the star from the photo

1. Who is in the photo?
— Adele
— Katy Perry
— Drew Barrymore

2. Who is in the photo?
— Chloë Moretz
— Miley Cyrus
— Brooke Shields

3. Who is in the photo?
— Oprah Winfrey
— Whoopi Goldberg
— Michelle Obama

4. Who is in the photo?
– Bruno Mars
– Drake
– Pharrell Williams

5. Who is in the photo?
— Anne Hathaway
— Kaya Scodelario
— Lily Collins

6. Who is in the photo?
— Kim Kardashian
— Emily Ratajkowski
— Nina Dobrev

7. Who is in the photo?
— Lindsay Lohan
— Saoirse Ronan
— Sophie Turner

8. Who is in the photo?
— Madonna
— Sharon Stone
— Nicole Kidman


1. Katy Perry
2. Chloe Moretz
3. Michelle Obama
4. Bruno Mars
5. Lily Collins
6. Emily Ratajkowski
7. Sophie Turner
8. Madonna

And one day world fame knocked on the window of each of our today’s heroes. But we are sure that the warm nostalgia of past childhood years still warms their hearts, like any other person. Did you manage to guess all the celebrities from their childhood photos? Feel free to admit it in the comments!

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