Salma Hayek responded to accusations that she married a billionaire for money.

Hollywood star Salma Hayek married French billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault in 2009. The actress has been happily married for many years and is raising a daughter from her beloved husband. Nevertheless, many are still convinced that the beauty walked down the aisle not in the name of love, but because of the fat wallet of her chosen one. And Salma decided to put an end to these nonsense rumors by sharply and frankly answering the spiteful critics.

Salma Hayek denies accusations that she got married for money

Let us note that the actress’s husband really owns untold wealth. His family’s account has about $35 billion. And Francois-Henri himself heads the PPR Group, which owns brands such as Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Gucci and more. It is not surprising that when the public learned about her affair with a rich man, many dared to assume about the star’s selfish goals.

Salma recently appeared on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast . During the interview, the presenter admitted that previously he also did not believe in the sincerity of their feelings. “When I heard about your wedding, I thought: “It looks like she got married because he’s a rich guy . ” But after meeting with Pino, his opinion changed dramatically. “He was so charming, confident and, dare I say it, a very hot man ,” recalls Dax.

The actress readily confirmed the presenter’s words and shed light on her “marriage of convenience.” “The cameras simply cannot convey his charisma ,” Eonline quotes Salma . – When we decided to get married, everyone said that I chose him because of the money. However, everyone has the right to think as they please. We have been together for 15 years, and our feelings are only getting stronger . ”

Discrimination against rich men

The star also admitted that such rumors upset not only her, but also Pino. “This is discrimination against rich men. If a person has a lot of money, people immediately think that there can be no talk of any real love. There is an opinion in society that supposedly rich people are mercantile and do not deserve success. Or, for example, they earned money dishonestly ,” Salma is indignant.

According to the actress, Francois-Henri does not languish over gold, and family always comes first for him. “My husband constantly tries to cheer us up, no matter how hard the work day may be. And when we go on vacation, he completely forgets about work. He gives himself completely to the moment. Many people don’t even imagine what happiness it is to simply be human ,” the star assures.

Let us remember that in 2007 the couple had a sweet daughter, Valentina Paloma , who turned 13 this year. The girl also has older brothers and sisters from her former lovers Francois-Henri: 23-year-old Francois , 20-year-old Mathilde and 14-year-old Augustine .

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