Unsuccessful plastic surgery changed Demi Moore’s face beyond recognition.

Recently, as part of Paris Fashion Week, the debut_collection_of_Kim Jones for the Fendi_brand was shown. The honor of opening the fashion show fell to 58-year-old Hollywood_actress_Demi_Moore . The star’s exit caused unprecedented discussion on the Internet. However, the theme of the day was not the fashion show itself or even the outfit of the newly minted fashion model. Users were surprised by the “new” face of the celebrity: “Another_victim of_plastic_surgery . ”

Demi Moore is unrecognizable after plastic surgery

The creative profession obliges actors and actresses to always_look_beyond praise. And sometimes, in pursuit of youth and beauty, celebrities go to extremes. American star Demi Moore was no exception. Let’s be honest. If you compare the actress with her daughters , you can’t help but wonder: who did they take after? In fact, the girls are very similar to their mother in her youth. However, due to Demi’s numerous plastic surgeries, this is quite difficult to believe.

The actress began with the shape of her face, cheekbones, chin, lips and chest. And then she became a regular at the plastic surgery clinic. Moore never stopped there: neither in creative activity, nor in improving her face and body. However, the star’s recent appearance clearly proved how important it is to be able to stop in time.

What have you done to yourself, Demi?

It seems that the latest plastic_surgery_has_completely_disfigured_the_face of the 58-year-old star. After all, the Demi who opened the show of the Italian fashion house Fendi is not at all like her former self. In the latest photos, the actress looks more like a fish than a living person: unnatural cheekbones, pu-shaped lips, and there is not a hint of signs of age.

The Internet is actively discussing what Moore did to herself and why: “Fire her plastic surgeon immediately,” “Is it really Demi? I refuse to believe it,” “Can’t she see that her face was disfigured? Poor woman” . But there were also those who defended the star, assuring that these were the consequences of unsuccessful makeup, and not plastic surgery. The star herself has not yet responded to the attacks against her.

What do you think, has Demi Moore really changed beyond recognition or is all this hype completely in vain? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments!

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