“What a blessing!”: A 90-year-old lumberjack has built himself a comfortable Hobbit house.

He might as well be the “Lord of the Rings.”

This man had an excellent idea to build a cozy house reminiscent of the famous Hobbit village upon his retirement. The only downside to this house is that not everyone can stand up to their full height inside. After all, it’s a Hobbit house. The man is small himself, and if you measure over 160 cm, then I’m afraid this house is not for you!

The man had to renovate the cellar, but instead, he decided to build a small house. He thought it would be much more useful than just a cellar.

Now, he lives in his Hobbit house and is completely happy. Fans from around the world visit the man and his house to feel like they’re in a fairy tale.

The interesting shape of the door resembles that from the movie. At least the man tried to build it as close as possible. The room is not very large, and the interior is constructed with natural materials, such as wood and stone. There’s an open fireplace that warms the house. The house looks fascinating both from the inside and outside.

The man claims he has freedom and is happy in this house. No stress, no pressure, just a dream house. What a blessing!

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