King Charles got into a scandal. He used the money of the deceased for personal purposes.

As it became known, King Charles was caught in a scandal. By the way, the reason for this turned out to be quite compelling. You see, the British monarch used the money of people who died without a will and their immediate family for personal purposes. For example, repairs and restorations of various types of real estate were carried out. But why this happened and what kind of strange custom is behind all this, you will find out in our material in the next few minutes.

Charles got into a scandal

Perhaps, in order to explain how Charles got into scandal in the first place, it is necessary to turn to the long tradition of the British monarchy. So, since the times of feudalism in the north-west of Great Britain there has been a certain custom. If the deceased person did not leave any will or has no heirs, then his property – both movable and immovable – goes to the king through the Duchy of Lancaster.

Interestingly, today residents of Lancashire County can become a “participant” in such traditions. The latter includes Lancashire, areas of Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Cumbria. If you look at the practice of other areas of England and Wales, the situation here is somewhat different. So, in such cases, the property of the deceased goes to the treasury. The latter, in turn, spends the funds received in accordance with government needs.

So what’s scandalous here, you ask. It is perhaps important to note that over the past 70 years, the crown budget has been supplemented by £1.2 billion in this way. Charles himself claimed that all funds have invariably been and will be directed to charity. Of course, some of it actually went to good causes. But, alas, only a part.

Increased additional profit

The monarch used the main amount for the restoration and repair of buildings that are owned by the crown. This became known thanks to a journalistic investigation by The Guardian . Thus, it is reported that in this year alone Charles received an amount of 26 million pounds sterling from the Duchy of Lancaster.

A former petrol station, townhouses, cottages, holiday homes, farm buildings, barns and even pheasant and partridge shooting facilities. All buildings that belong to the royal family received not only new roofs, but also modern glazing and much more. By renting them out, Charles receives additional profit. At the same time, what is no less curious, the complete reconstruction of one of the old farmhouses in Yorkshire made it possible to turn it into luxury real estate.

It is also important to note that many of those people whose funds replenished the crown budget after their death lived in dilapidated and even social housing. Now, friends and acquaintances of the deceased do not hesitate to criticize such an unethical practice of the monarch. However, there is clearly no need to wait for an official comment from Buckingham Palace. After all, representatives of the British royal family do not intend to explain the situation.

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