Why was Trump cut out of Robert De Niro’s Gotham Awards speech?

As you may be aware, Robert De Niro frequently_attacks_Donald_Trump.However, the words of a Hollywood actor are frequently edited out in broadcasts.A same event happened, for example, at the Gotham Awards.What the audience didn’t hear and how de Niro himself responded to the situation will be revealed in the next few minutes.

Robert De Niro_criticizes_Donald Trump

Only those who are uninterested in the actor’s performances at various events may be unaware that Robert de Niro frequently_criticizes_Donald Trump.However, a noteworthy factor here is that nasty statements directed at the former US President are simply removed from the airwaves.By the way, this just happened the other day.

So, on November 27, de Niro gave a performance at the Gotham_Awards_in_New_York.It should be noted that the actor was present for a reason.Martin Scorsese’s film Killers of the Flower Moon, in which Robert played a key role, won in two categories at the same time.The terms “Gotham_Historical_Icon” and “Creator_Tribute” are in play.

And the crowd couldn’t help but notice that De Niro’s speech seemed odd.The reason is simple: the undesirable portion was removed.”I only have one thing to say.My speech was altered and cut at the start.I was unaware of it.And I’d like to read it.History is no longer relevant.The truth is false.Even facts are being substituted by alternative_facts and driven_by_conspiracy and monster theories.”


In fact, the Hollywood star acknowledges the conflicting African_American_history standards issued by the Florida Department of Education this summer in his speech.The subject of Native Americans was also dear to the performer.The previously stated film, of course, played a huge effect in this.In terms of Trump, Robert describes him as a charlatan.

” During his four years as president, Trump has lied to Americans more than 30,000 times.All he can do is attack the weak, damage nature’s treasures, and show disrespect.”

It’s odd that Robert de Niro_condemned_Donald Trump while he was President of the United States.During a meeting with Canadian_Prime_Minister_Justin_Trudeau, for example, a celebrity condemned the behavior of a politician.What can we say, the actor openly apologized to the people of the northern state for the “idiotic behavior of the president.”

True, Trump is not remaining silent and is attempting to absorb the blow.If he succeeds, please let us know in the comments.Surprisingly, the former US President regards De Niro as “special with a very low IQ.”And on top of all that, “he took too many hits to the head from real_boxers in the movies.”I’m curious how such clashes will finish.

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