Royal biographer reveals whether Prince William really cheated on Kate Middleton with her friend.

Talk about Prince Harry’s love affairs does not surprise anyone, but not everyone knows that William has a sin in his soul. The British monarchy is known to pay multimillion-dollar sums to journalists to prevent them from tarnishing the reputation of the royal family. However, information about William’s betrayal of his wife Kate Middleton once found its way onto the Internet. And today, thanks to the sensational memoirs of Omid Scobie, rumors about the affair of the heir to the throne are again gaining momentum.

The alleged separation of one of the most famous couples is the Marchioness and former friend of the Princess of Wales Rose Hanbury. At one time, she and her husband lived not far from Kate and William. In 2019, when the prince allegedly began an affair with a neighbor, the future queen broke ties with her. And this, by the way, is the only clue. Even the author of the revealing memoir said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that William’s infidelity was gossip.

Scobie mentioned the rumors in his book because he considers them important in describing the royal family. It will be interesting, he says, to analyze how the palace deals with these conversations. According to Scobie, Kate and William could have commented on what happened a long time ago – by remaining silent, they are making things worse for themselves. “Unfortunately, if you don’t deny rumors, they can fly 20 circles around the world before you decide to comment. The perpetrators of the gossip did not do this, so the conversations will never go away, even if there is no reason to assume that they are true,” he said.

The author of the memoir noted that the romance between William and the Marquise is still periodically gossiped about on Twitter. And there is an assumption that monarchs have a sure-fire way to quiet gossipers: Harry, he says, is like being deliberately “thrown under the bus.” In passing, let us remind you that Omid Scobie has already been called the unofficial biographer of the disgraced Dukes of Sussex on the Internet.

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