Britney Spears showed rare photos with her sons, who have not communicated with her for many years.

The pop diva has said more than once that she dreamed of becoming a mother from a young age. Britney Spears, who was forced by Justin Timberlake to have an abortion , was incredibly happy when first Sean Preston and then Jayden were born. But they couldn’t enjoy motherhood enough: their father Kevin Federline, citing the scandalous behavior of his ex-wife, received full custody of them. Now Sean Preston is 18 years old, and Jayden is 17, and they have recently been living in Hawaii with their dad.

What kind of relationship the boys really have with Britney is known only to a narrow circle of people. Kevin, of course, tells reporters that his mother’s boyfriends are shunning her , largely because of the drugs she allegedly uses. The singer herself has repeatedly denied this, and once publicly addressed her offended sons. However, Britney is not one of those who stay angry for a long time, especially at her children. The day before, she published a whole series of archival photographs with the heirs. The singer did not leave them any written messages, but the very fact that Britney, deprived of parental rights, loves her boyfriends brings them to tears.
It is pointless to guess when the pop diva will be able to replenish the family archive. But she can watch her children grow up in the tabloids. Recently, fresh photos of Sean Preston and Jayden appeared on the Internet .
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