Angelina Jolie and Halle Berry became friends over conversations about “divorces and exes”.

Halle_Berry and Angelina_Jolie have began to speak_closely while working on the project_Maude_vs._Maude.The actresses_got united due of a tumultuous past: “We talked a lot about_divorces_and_ex-partners.” Let’s put it this way: we became close,” Halle Berry stated in an interview with Variety.At the same time, the actress stated that the start of the relationship with Jolie was “difficult,” though she refused to disclose the source of the disagreement.

Both Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie have a history of spectacular public spats with ex-lovers.Halle Berry has been battling her ex-husband_Olivier_Martinez for custody of their son Mateo, who is now nine years old.As a result, the court forced the actress to pay_Martinez_$8,000_a_month in alimony this summer.Previously, she was compelled to pay 4.3% of her income over $2 million as “additional_child_support.”She must also pay for the child’s_schooling, health_insurance, and other fees.Berry, who has a net_worth_of_$90 million, has also “voluntarily”_agreed to pay $55,000 toward Martinez’s legal bills.

In addition to her son, Halle Berry has a 15-year-old daughter, Nala, with model Gabriel Aubry, whom she has been suing for years.The fight is over how much alimony Aubrey wants from the Hollywood_star.Halle Berry won a hearing in May, and the court decreased the amount of cash she must transfer to her ex-boyfriend for her daughter’s upkeep.The lawsuit lasted ten years.

Since their 2016_divorce, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been_embroiled in a protracted_court struggle over custody and financial issues.During the hearings, both parties leveled charges at one_another.Insiders say Jolie is merely obsessed with vengeance against her ex-lover and is turning her children and followers against him.

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