The first thing you see in the picture reveals your strengths and weaknesses in love.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, but they are often difficult to recognize, so with this test you will find out.

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— Your strengths: You are kind, optimistic, naive and self-confident. You like to show off your abilities whenever possible, but you don’t show off. You feel content when life is calm and peaceful, and you are also compassionate and protective of those you care about.

— Your weakness: you are introverted and focused on finding a deeper meaning in everything. Instead of looking at the real world, you look at concepts and ideas. You focus on imagining that you know something for the future. While your partner seeks new experiences and exciting opportunities, you seek silence to ponder concepts, meanings, and ripple effects. So you may feel sad. When you are in a situation where you have to think intuitively, you can feel awkward and lost. You may have difficulty finding a deeper meaning or feel like you don’t have the right answer.

— How to find balance: You can begin to develop a balance between fantasy and reality. You might want to try journaling or talking to yourself about different ideas, such as love, death, sadness, joy, or the meaning of life. Meditation practice can also help develop introverted intuition. Perhaps after a period of study and practice you will feel more comfortable with this aspect of yourself.

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— Your strengths: You thrive in the presence of your partner, exchanging ideas and discovering new patterns or ways of looking at things. An adventurer by nature, you enjoy challenging preconceptions and discussing different outcomes. Anything that evokes a sense of curiosity and wonder in you is likely to attract you. What you see first indicates what will surprise you in the near future.

— Your weaknesses: Instead of focusing on hypothetical abilities, you focus on subjectively relevant details. As a result, you may feel like a weak partner, feel nervous or uncomfortable in everyday situations, lack space for intuitive creativity, or break rules. You like to be in control of relationships, measure everything perfectly and plan accordingly so that there is no chaos in your life. While this gives you a lot of confidence, it can have a huge downside. Your controlling nature can sometimes frustrate you.

— How to find balance: By engaging in certain activities, you can learn to confront your weaknesses and feel stronger in your relationship with your partner.

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— Your strengths: you have a tougher exterior, but inside you are very sensitive and gentle. Moreover, you also have the ability to overcome difficult situations and emerge stronger than before. Your outstanding self-development strategies and perseverance also inspire your partner, to whom you demonstrate strong commitment when he or she needs support. You have full confidence that your partner has your best interests at heart and wants the best for you, even if that means he/she has to compromise or make sacrifices. He/she will also not abuse you or use your love as a means to harm you.

— Your weakness: you tend to immerse yourself in the world in a materialistic sense. Life is full of rich feelings that need to be explored. You may have a strong sense of fun and adventure. You have to live each day and not meditate or worry unnecessarily. Thanks to your ability to instinctively read people and situations, you can adapt to those around you. You feel bored and impatient when trying to meditate or focus on the future.

— How to find balance: Just a few minutes of mindfulness and reflection can do wonders for improving your relationship with your partner. This, in turn, will make you feel less vulnerable and give you more opportunity to use your intuition in your decisions and ideas.

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