What Kim Kardashian’s $60 million mansion looks like, which her daughter called “ugly”.

Before we could blink, the children of Hollywood celebrities grew up and in some ways even managed to outdo their own parents. North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West, went from being a cute star child to becoming an aspiring rapper and a tough fashion critic at the age of 10 (just look at her comments about the images of her famous mother). By the way, going through Kim’s lifestyle and her looks is already North’s specialty. She recently called her and her mother’s $60 million mansion “ugly”—we show you what it looks like.

It’s no secret that Kim has recently become interested in minimalism, which can be seen in literally everything: from her images to the design of the private jet Kim Air . She decided to make a kind of miniature monastery out of her luxurious home, depriving it of its usual decorations and many decorative items.

By the way, the design of the house cost Kardashian $20 million, Page Six reports. The idea to make the mansion as minimalist as possible belongs not only to the celebrity, but also to her ex-lover. It turns out that they bought the nest together, but after the divorce, Kim was able to keep it for herself.

As the celebrity herself says, the previous house was completely gray, so in the new one she decided to focus on lighter colors. This choice is partly due to the fact that the star wanted to turn her home into a place of peace and quiet, where she could hide from the rest of the world. “I discovered that there is so much chaos in the world that when I come home, I want it to be very quiet and calming,” the celebrity shared.

Even the children’s playroom is completely white. With the exception of toys, of which there are a whole lot and each one is different from the other. Kim admits that this is the only room in her house that is very different from the rest.

We don’t know what exactly Kim and Kanye’s eldest daughter doesn’t like, but she never tires of reminding her mother how bad her house looks. “Every time I have a disagreement with my daughter North, she thinks it’s humiliating me and says, ‘Your house is so ugly. Everything is so white. Who lives like that?'” Kim was quoted as saying by the publication.

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