Simple and effective: the interior of a country house in Sweden.

The designers were preparing the house for sale and, in order to quickly give the interior a spectacular look, they used bright decorative techniques that were easy to repeat on their own.

This country house in Gothenburg has three floors, including the basement, and only four rooms. The house was built in the twenties along with the same typically Swedish houses in the neighborhood, and a beautiful garden with rose bushes, lilacs and apple trees was laid out on the site. 

The house was recently put up for sale, and to make the interior look attractive to potential buyers, the designers who worked on its appearance decided to rely on simple but effective techniques and solutions.

One of the main advantages of the house is the fireplace in the living room. To organically fit its appearance into the decor, the designers painted the walls of the room white, like the body of the fireplace, and supported the graphite portal with contrasting paintings on the walls, dark pillows on the sofa, black table lamps and accessories behind the glass of the bookcase opposite.

Next to the living room there is a kitchen, into which you can look not only through the doorway, but also through the through window between the rooms. Against the background of white walls, the almost black color of the wooden facades reveals itself especially impressively. And to soften the contrasts a little, the designers hung lighter wooden shelves nearby and added graphic accessories. 

Climbing the stairs upstairs, you can find two bedrooms – a children’s room and a master’s. Pink and gray are a classic and well-working combination, so when choosing a palette, the designers settled on these colors without violating the overall restrained concept of the interior. 
Despite the fact that the master bedroom is designed in shades of gray, it is also built on contrasts. The furnishing materials were selected according to another proven principle: the more expressive textures, the better. A velvet headboard, wicker bench and storage baskets, brass sconces and cotton linens work well together and make  the bedroom cozy and tactile. 
There is some seating in the basement, but the main space is occupied by a spacious laundry room and shower room. Here, marble and slate motifs, brass faucets and accessories are added to the classic white tile finish. These materials age beautifully, so the furnishings here are not only uncomplicated and effective, but also durable.  
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