Before and after: cool apartment remodel with alcove kitchen and three bedrooms.

Designers from the Set Bureau studio remodeled an apartment for a family of four – parents and two teenage children. The son did not have his own separate room, he occupied the living room, it was necessary to allocate a separate bedroom for all family members, organize a recreation area and receive guests. As a result, the kitchen was moved to the place of the corridor. 

Kitchen before renovation

The kitchen was located in an isolated room, the cabinets had a main lower row, and the appliances were built-in and freestanding.

Kitchen after renovation

The developer created a huge non-functional hall in the apartment – the kitchen was moved into it. The set is made to order, but taking into account standard section sizes. The side columns house a refrigerator, oven and microwave. The corner sections are complemented by rolled-out sections; the drawers contain storage for dishes and food.

Living room before renovation

According to the developer’s plan, the central room was the living room; swing doors led into it from the hall. It was impossible to fully relax in it, since the room was occupied by the son of the customers.

Living room after renovation

After the kitchen was moved to the hall area and unnecessary partitions were removed, there was a place for the whole family to relax – at the dining table and in armchairs. The designers proposed a cheerful yellow shade for this area.

Parents’ bedroom before renovation

There wasn’t enough storage space in my parents’ bedroom, plus I wanted to make the room more functional and cozy.

Bedroom after renovation

In the parents’ bedroom, decorative plaster with a suede effect is used in the TV area, and the entrance area and wardrobe are “cut off” with color to give the room the correct geometry and add calmness – with the help of green. The main color scheme of the room turned out to be calm, I wanted to add brightness, so at the head of the bed there is a fresco with cranes and the setting sun.

Bathrooms before renovation

The bathrooms were quite boring and ordinary, we wanted to make them stylish and modern, as well as increase their capacity.

Bathrooms after renovation

In one bathroom, they abandoned the bathtub in favor of a shower and decorated it with accent blue tiles.

We also managed to fit a shower into the second bathroom. We selected marble-like porcelain tiles in dark and light shades.

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