Small apartment in Paris. Before and after renovation.

The area of ​​the apartment was small and the designer used light shades and mirrors to visually increase the space. We are lucky: we can look at the photos of this apartment before and after renovation.

It’s rare to see photographs of an interior before the designer has worked on it. Agree, sometimes you really want to see with your own eyes and evaluate the scale of the work done and even feel like a designer, offer your own options… Today we have such an opportunity.
This apartment is located on the outskirts of Paris. It has been completely remodeled and tastefully decorated. Since the area was small, the emphasis was on light shades, the presence of light and the use of mirrors to visually enlarge the space. So, there is even a mirror in the kitchen, which has become much more interesting after the remodel! The small space of the bathroom has been transformed so much that, despite the tiny area, it doesn’t look cramped at all! Do you agree – very impressive?
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