Small car of the week: “second life” of a two-room apartment in an old house.

A spacious kitchen, a spacious bathroom and plenty of storage space – this small two-room apartment is radically different from its “neighbors” in the stairwell


Decorator Olga Zaretskikh designed this small two-room apartment next to the Novodevichy Convent several years ago for herself and her husband. She wanted to turn an old apartment with a standard layout into a cozy place to relax.


To make the space comfortable for two people, the first step was to remove the passage to the kitchen from the hallway and use it to enlarge the bathroom. The kitchen was combined with the living room: to allow more light into the corridor, instead of the usual partition, hinged doors with glass inserts were made.

American paints were used to decorate the walls in the hallway, living room and kitchen; greenish wallpaper was chosen for the bedroom – it turned out fresh and at the same time cozy. Parquet boards were placed on the floor throughout the apartment – it unified the space.
Despite the small size of the apartment, there is plenty of storage space. “A large corner kitchen with cabinets for everything you need and a dressing room in the bedroom – something you wouldn’t expect to see in a typical two-room apartment,” comments Olga Zaretskikh.

In addition to them, there was also a wardrobe for outerwear in the hallway, and in the living room we placed two shelves for books and things dear to our hearts – for example, I got a Zinger sewing machine from my grandfather.”

Furniture and decor appeared in the apartment from different places: some of the things were given to the decorator from his parents’ dacha, some were transported from the old apartment, the rest were specifically looked for in stores and showrooms in order to “make friends” with the items in the interior.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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