Attic with a workplace and a cozy sitting area.

Designer Daria Kolobova designed an attic floor for a family who bought a ready-made house and wanted to convert the attic into a comfortable space. The attic floor was divided into two parts: one was given over to a dressing room, the second to an office with a guest room.

The first thing we did was completely change the roof insulation, install the electrical system, and install heating and air conditioning units. The ceiling between the attic and the second floor was additionally soundproofed and insulated.

When the plasterboard partitions were erected, niches were provided in them, which were covered with bars painted in the color of the walls. This solution made it possible to hide heating devices without reducing the area of ​​the room.

A large folding sofa was installed for the guests and a part of the dressing room was allocated for the owners’ seasonal items.

Laminate flooring was laid on the floor of the attic, some of the walls were decorated with dark wallpaper with a floral print, and some were covered with paint in an emerald shade. To finish the ceiling, we chose clapboard in the color of natural wood, plus we painted the beams a brown shade. Most of the furniture was ordered from a carpentry shop, and some was purchased on marketplaces.

Another seating area was created in a large niche with a round window. To do this, they made a kind of sofa-mattress with a lot of pillows, and hung a lamp above it.
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