Coolest townhouse transformation (before and after photos)

Without redevelopment, only with the help of a color palette, furniture and decor, we remade the outdated interior.


The owners of the townhouse are a young family with children, entrepreneurs. They invited designer Anastasia Panova to update the outdated and outdated interior so that they would like to spend time with their family in it. The furnishings were changed gradually, starting with the kitchen-living room. When the customers settled in and got used to it, after a few months they wanted to brighten and refresh the bedroom. Then we moved to the attic.


The peculiarity of the renovation is the absence of redevelopment. We saved the flooring and partially the ceiling, managed to fit in the customers’ kitchen, and repainted the existing shelving system in the attic. “The approach was as follows: simplify the finishing to unify the spaces, move the electrics to the new furniture arrangement, sew up the radiators, replace the furniture and curtains,” says the designer.

The decor adds brightness and proportionality. It was possible to radically change the impression of the interior and even visually raise the ceilings and add light. Including decorative ones: chandeliers, floor lamps, table lamps with warm light – an important part of the evening atmosphere in the house.

Furniture compositions were selected according to the principle: a group of objects + a decorative vignette around it. The dining table has a chest of drawers with a mirror, and the sofas have a console with a large painting. This painting was created by the designer specifically for the interior.

Finish: Little Greene paint, high MDF plinth to match the color of the walls. White color refreshed the interior and allowed natural light to come in from the windows, as well as unite previously separate areas. Zoning – not through decoration, but through the placement of furniture, carpets, and decor.

All large furniture is light in color to unify the interior; only a black chair with a banquette stands out – it becomes the visual border of the two zones.

A new storage system was made in the hallway, as the family is growing and more storage space is needed. We managed to close the electrical panel inside the cabinet. The main technique is facades in the color of the walls and equal width of the doors.

“At the entrance to the living room there is a bench with a tall mirror. And this is my favorite composition, since the customers happily agreed to implement it, although it does not have a function, it sets the right mood,” shares the designer.

In the bedroom, they decided to abandon the factory legs of the bed in order to visually lower it. Table lamps have been reupholstered and repainted. On the wall there is also a decorative vignette, paintings from the customers’ collection. Above the chest of drawers is a designer-made screen for a breather.

“The interior contains many paintings from the customers’ collection. We also placed framed children’s drawings between the windows on the ground floor – this is an alternative to artist’s canvases, making the interior individual. The customers’ musical instruments became excellent decorations. In the hall of the second floor there is a painting by Masha Yankovskaya,” says the designer.

The attic received a new function: it was almost never used by the customers; there was a desire to create a universal room there for work, relaxation, a place for ironing and a possible overnight stay for a nanny.

A slatted partition covers the utility area. The sofa is folding, the whole family can fit here, there is an area with a children’s table for drawing. The shelving unit and door were repainted to match the color of the walls, so books and children’s toys fit into the interior as bright spots.

Photo of the interior before renovation

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