Cozy attic with office and storage area.

The project of this country house was done by a construction company, and designer Vera Sheverdenok worked on its arrangement and design. The only adjustment that was made to the project after the renovation was the functional filling of the attic. Instead of a recreation area, they made an office here.

n the attic there is a large-scale installation of a supply and exhaust air supply system located and covered with plasterboard. This design divides the attic floor into two zones: in one part there is an office, in the second there is a recreation area and storage space.

Paint was used to finish the walls, plank was used for the ceiling, and vinyl was placed on the floor. There is plenty of natural light in the attic, thanks to two large skylights. A work desk was placed under one of them, and a seating area with a couch and a coffee table was set up opposite. The wall under the roof slopes was used for shelving. 

In the second part of the attic floor, a storage closet was built under the pitched roof. The area near the window was turned into an additional relaxation area by creating a window sill-bench with soft pillows. There is track lighting on the horizontal beams, the direction of which can be adjusted if necessary.

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