How an old attic was turned into a stylish attic.

Attic with three bedrooms, library and kitchenette

Designer Anna Danilova needed to transform the attic of a country house into a comfortable space for several generations of the family. Since the attic is spacious, with an area of ​​129 sq. m, on the floor there are five rooms and two bathrooms. The workshop and hall-library are intended for the older generation. The remaining rooms are for a young family with three children.

As a result of the renovation, the ceiling lining was dismantled, the beams were exposed, the windows were enlarged, and the convectors were replaced with ones built into the window sill. A spacious bookcase was designed in the library and a comfortable place for reading was provided.

Interestingly, in the attic, in a small niche under the valley, a mini-kitchen was installed. It was invented to make it possible to make tea or have a quick snack before bed without having to go downstairs to the main kitchen.

The children’s room is very functional: there are sleeping areas, plenty of storage space and a full-fledged play area with a sports corner.

To make the attic comfortable for living and not reminiscent of an attic, be sure to install windows on it. Windows are a source of natural light and ventilation.

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